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1. I've considered this idea, shouldn't be too hard to implement a simple "STAGE CLEAR" graphic for now. Anything more complex will have to wait until after the compo.

2. I intend to use the coins for something eventually. I haven't exactly decided what they'll be used for yet, but stay tuned...

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Hello all,
I just put out the first demo for my Game Boy Color game, Rebound. Rebound is a platform game where you control a bouncing ball, and must make your way through each stage by bouncing off of things (i.e. the floor, the walls, enemies, etc.) You can download the demo here. The final game will be available as a free download when it's done.

I recommend playing this on a real GBC or GBA if you have a flashcart or an Everdrive/equivalent, otherwise it should work fine in accurate emulators such as BGB or SameBoy. Note that VisualBoyAdvance is unsupported and won't be supported.

P.S. The game's open source too!


Do note that just because it runs in accurate emulators (i.e. BGB, SameBoy, Emulicious) that doesn't necessarily guarantee hardware will play nice. During the development of my entry I encountered an issue that didn't pop up in BGB but resulted in graphics corruption in Emulicious + my GBC and a game freeze on my GBA SP. For that reason, I'd recommend testing in all three aforementioned emulators if you don't have access to original hardware and/or a flashcart.

Of course, you're always welcome to ask the folks in the GBDev Discord server for help with hardware testing.

It definitely is doable, but I'll admit I may have gone a bit overboard with the spikes. I'll look into making the section a bit easier.

Nope, just clever use of the 16 available colors ;)