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can i make levelpacks? I have not downloaded this ediyor yet, but i will. Doesnt matter if no packs can be made, but can we actually make levelpacks?

hello, trueauracoral and broyster! I have invited you to a disord server in the game jams tab. I hope we do well!

uhh guys i meant DevSoham#2242 or Dev Soham#2242

oh, if thats the case, lets team up!! Dev 


Anyone wants to team up??? i use godot. I know the programming, but i need someone for doing better pixel art than me, or a sound designer coz do i suck in sound design!! if no, nevermind. 

im a pixel artist and a programmer. I program in godot UWU

you can see yt page in my itch page

do you have a main game/indie main game coz i do have. i have lil crappy prototype. You can see devlogs of it in my youtbe channel. (sorry i'll miss some "u"s coz my laptop doesnt press u for some reason i have to copy,paste)

i never had real/internet friends so.... if i see someone like me, i would like to chat with them uwu

hey can you help me?? man im bad at SFX and music. any type of help would help me a lot.

you'r not alone ;)

sweetie-16 by GrafxKid
odd-feeling by XENO

DinoSage, in game jams, I think you can take the theme as how you like. It could be the season spring, or a coil spring. Anything what comes into your mind!!

im good at godot, but i know a bit how to use construct tho. What about godot??

i know how to code in godot but im an interdiemete coder and im pretty good in art. I am bad a audio tho. I mainly use others music and sfx in games :/

this is my first jam which i wil submit. I have joined over 10 jams but none I have submitted. I will submit in this!!!!

its an asset! Why would a game show only the sprites instead of the gameplay? LOL XD

ya that happened to me too :|


Oh my god, now will I not need to get things like fl studio or reaper to make music for my game! I really like the chiptune group thingie. Love it <3

Oh I didnt realize. Its great as well :)

Sorry, but the game doesn't even fit the game. The pixel art is blury. No audio. Gameplay and orginality are the worst, BECAUSE ITS JUST SNAKE. The difficulty matches a bit though.

Good job for trying!

Good Job Edward! You are the winner!

Wow, Edward! This game is good! I hope this is in the top 3s/5s/10s!

I found a glitch. You can still move with the arrow keys without skipping the dialogue.


This game makes me feel that this game is one of those games, which are so good! I'm so surprised that you did it under 48 hours (Ofcource, you got the music from someone else which doesn't matter for me)! This has a higher chance of being a far-fetched release! The thing which could add, are more mechanics. Like, for i.e. an area/border that the bird can't fly on, or like a flying air thingy that it pushes the bird to the opposite side. Also, make a level select like Baba is you. More mechanics and a proper level select will obviously be in one of the most innovative game for the following year from GMTK or me. The pixel art is so good! I like it the most! Good job, Leko!

Oh, I think its kind of harder than celeste LOL

This tileset is very good!

Oh thanks! However, I have already made an idea. But the opposite of make a friend, is related to my game tbh. The enemy is yourself! (btw, its 2d)


oh thanks

Is there any theme?

These look really great!

sorry, i used it and realized its a plugin :3


Its making me laugh. You remade a whole popular game engine or somethin'