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Well... Somehow... I'm still alive...
Went through a fit of depression and now back to work on the next title in the series, also have been going back and optimizing textures and other bizzy work in the background. Let me know what you liked about the last game and what you hope to see in the next one!! Leave comments and don't forget to follow!! Oh and have a wonderful day!!!

UPDATE!! Well while porting it to android noticed a couple bugs and tweaks that needed to be made so I updated them... Also updated the blueprints for some enemies, items, and UI. Oh I also fixed how the Gallery was unlocked.

Hope you enjoy this Lil' Horror Story...

You got a voucher for a free camping trip, sponsored by The Bank!! YAY!! Time to enjoy the nice outdoors... good thing Boogeymen and monsters don't exist... heh... Do they?...

Horror game inspired by the old Creep show and Goosebumps stories. You can choose to follow the guiding light or don't...

Stealth Adventure Horror Game...

Controls: Best with mouse and keyboard but does support controller,

Audio: Best played with headphones.

Warning: Minor jump scares, flashing lights, and blood...

First story in the Lil' Horror Stories series that will build the world for my other project "The Lonely Cottage".