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I am confused what to do after logging in as barbara. The only thing there, the emails, have nothing important in them.

Is the AI really that simple?!? Wow!!

Its a scratch game?

Great concept, love the characters, but feels unfinished.

The game feels very crunchy, I think some more particles would be needed. I LOVE the crossfire mechanic and hitting back the fire.

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Fun, but controls felt very stiff.  Great AI though, especially for a jam game.

Awesome concept, but feels random and unresponsive.  I would like to see this expanded on.

I like the concept, and the perk combos are very fun, but feels unpolished and rushed (And yes I know it is a jam game), but even as a jam game feels unfinished.

Its a jam game

THIS HAS SO MUCH POTENTIAL FOR A SEQUEL! As a rhythm or just as it is, if it had levels and bossfights, I would pay a helluva lot of money for it! 10/10

Extremely unforgiving, but it is very satisfying to hit the correct button!

I love the Smooth as hell gameplay! And the music is amazing!


Id rate if I could!

Amazing! In the future, if you feel like it, you should add levels! I love the concept and it felt so good stealing the painting!

Please, please please make one for Mac. I loved the desktop goose and still use it to this day. this looks like fun to have on!

Oh ok! thank you!

I tried what sevencrane said and it didnt work... so idk

Where is this "secret boss fight"? Also I love the game the movement is superfun.

Where do i get the gun?

Wait when did you get it though. I just glitched the lever.

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Ohhhhh. I just glitched it and punched the lever. oops

Can someone please tell me where get a gun? when Penelope tells me to draw, i just get softlocked and die over and over because i don't have one.