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damn i was feeling the same way when i played this last week

big thanks

yea the options shots (firing backwards) is something im working on fixing, lol. thanks for playing. :)

you can change and edit the buttons for the functions

which issues? let me know

hey there, you using windows?

that didnt work for me

pretty cool game, anyway to have the button configuration settings over to the SIMP game?

thanks again mate!

big thanks! share any clips if you got em!

big thanks gio!

big thanks!

yeah i will add one soon, i was rushing to submit before the deadline was up.

love this game, got 20+hrs in and got a normal mode 1CC!

thank you, give it a try but read the manual that is included.

the game runs too fast for me, any idea why?

Crows Nest never disappoints! amazing, i love it. addicting, fun and stylish!

thank you

thanks :)

good job! keep trying to beat your PB!

thank you so much. love the game.

Hi, is there a way to change button configuration?

no install file, just launch the exe and play.

I made short video of myself playing this game for the first time. Good job. :)

I made a quick video of myself playing and sharing thoughts about this game. :) 

I played this for the first time for a few minutes. How do you quit the game though?

i am getting the same thing

hey Quto, right now people are using a mod to make mods as explained in this video I created. To add them you need to place them in a specific folder as jennatar explains. I have a screenshot too

i did a quick review on this game. the video quality is kinda poor because i didnt know how to properly record it with all the motion. i hope yall dig it nonetheless

i made a video review of this game. Keep up the good work guys.

i made a short review on this game. i did find some bugs in it though. check out the video on what i found 

Let me know what made you want to play this game. My answer is here 

this game reminded me of another game that is currently released. check out my review and thoughts here

i did a short review on this game. i hope you guys work on it more!

loving this game. i made a short review with my own gameplay 

a lovely maze game. i did a short review video on it recently.