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Oh that's great, I'd love to see it if you're comfortable with posting it!

Oh wow such a small but impactful change, very interesting. Some cool stuff on your blog, thank you for sharing!

Oh thank you for the lovely comment! I'm excited to hear you've made some longpigs, is there anywhere where I can see them? I understand if you feel like they're too "self- indulgent" to post, but I'm really curious...

LONGPIG2 is a compilation of short collage comic strips, with panels taken from various other comics and rearranged in order to create new meanings. Some panels and themes are repeated from comic to comic, building on each other.  Check a couple of the strips bellow and if you'd like to read more like them you can find the project page here:



thank you!

Thank you! Yes, that's the end. 

No, his dad is dead... or is he?

I used to have a little thing explaining it at the bottom there, I guess I should put it back because it seems people don't realize it's navigation. Thank you for the feedback

Hmm, could you be more specific? I'm not sure what hint you're talking about

The comic itself is high contrast, or should be unless something is wrong. But yeah you're right I should make everything high contrast. 


At long last, Trick or tisTree: A Spooky Musical Odyssey is released! It's the full ten act play (plus intermission) and it takes about a an hour and a half to read (but it's easy to jump in and out, and to save your spot, thanks to the Act-Panel selector under the stage.) If you haven't been checking out the previews throughout the month of October, this is a Halloween special, made up of GIFs that you might have used to decorate your GeoCities page for Halloween, and inspired by interactive/animated comics of the 2000's like Kid Radd and Spider Cliff Mysteries.


I've been previewing a Halloween special comic that I've made, called Trick or tisTree, that's coming out a few days before Halloween. It's interactive and animated, and it's inspired by GeoCities pages that people used to decorate for Halloween and other holidays. It's even made out of some of those same GIFs. Today I'm previewing the first four parts, out of ten. I encourage people who are interested to watch it with some friends, and get into the Halloween spirit together!


Meet tisTreeSanta's Helper in Charge of Multi-Media Marketing! He's a very old tree, who has been helping Santa get the word out about Christmas since the early 90's. Unfortunately there's not as much call for his skills anymore, so his direct superior, Ivy Santa's Helper in Charge of Administration, has been assigning him the work nobody else wants to do, namely, promoting the other, LESSER holidays. Thankfully tisTree has a friend/subordinate to help him in this unenviable task, Snowman who was magically brought to life by the love shared by his parents. He is only one years old, so he hasn't quite learned to tell right from wrong yet! Populating Christmas Village, North Pole (where our story takes place) are many other friends (but mostly enemies) of tisTree's : Watch as they help, hinder, or are just around as tisTree's struggles to celebrate the holidays he most hates. FEATURING: St. Patrick's Day, April Fool's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, 4th of July, and an interactive index page! AND, keep an eye out for future updates such as Halloween and (finally, at long last) Christmas!

here's a physical game I really like and more people should check out, you don't need anything to play it except the rules and another person, and the rules are so simple you can easily memorize them and then teach them to your friends. You can play it while you're waiting in line or on a long car trip like 20 Questions.

Released "The Bath Crone," a little comic that only takes a few minutes to read/play! The first in a series of experiments in adapting the medium of comics into 3D environments. Featuring 100% unique, non-tiling painted textures.

Read it here, free and in your browser:

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