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Very, very good game. Good job, very enjoyable to play.

Very, very good game

Very, very good game.

Very good, add mouse aim please.

Really, really good, the amount of polish and depth to this Jam game is extremely shocking and extremely well done, absolute breath of fresh air. Kudos.

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Ok the game is inherently buggy, although that comes with a lot of game jams, the art is really nice, but the music is really, really hard to listen to, it's like listening to nails on a chalkboard. There appears to be 2 endings? I couldn't figure out what to do until 5 minutes, I still don't get what those pole things are for. The racing is extremely buggy and it's unclear when you lose, the game just restarts the level with no transition. overall I think this game really just needs more stream lining, and a better foundation. The game has a lot of ideas, many of them are unique and show potential but none of them feel finished, maintaining consistent pixel size wouldn't made the art look better overall, even though it already looks pretty good in it's current form. Other then that it was a unique experience and extremely interesting!

truly emotional.

was very fun, and functional considering it was made in an hour! very nice.

So the amount of Damage was based off Red your hat was and the amount of Regen was based off how much Blue Particles you had.

I enjoyed the game, it is varied and you are constantly changing playstyle, my main critique with the game though is simply is it fits the "Out of control" theme well, but I feel as though there could be more like earthquakes pulling you a direction or bullets that have a random effect on the Player, it could make the Game more varied and interesting. Another thing is screen shake, Vector Trails, Hit Sounds, Smoke, Explosions, Blood Effect, Knock back, Enemy fade health all could all be added to make the Game feel great. Overall I really liked this game its cool, and has alot of Potential.

Great game however the first level was more difficult then the second so maybe just make the 2nd level the first.

Absolutely amazing.

Freaking amazing.