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Scare Me Silly! community · Created a new topic welcome!

Welcome to the jam!! i look forward to seeing your entry!!

on it rn

you can get guilded from and once you make an account, let me know here! for some other contact info, look at my profile!

i can also just record myself playing with out editing, but id much rather prefer being able to screenshare!

yeah, if you get google chat or guilded ill be able to screenshare! 

need a professional beta tester? ill do it for free!


y e s h.... also itcho client ew



i will be back after i finish with my "professional" opinion!

adorable- oml


ofc!!! if you EVER need me again, feel free to let me know! you can find my contact info via my profile! just let me know! and that you!!! also its not that hard of a fix, you just need to ad a hotkey cooldown, if the engine you use lets you!

caveman make game. game good. caveman made game multiplayer...?


i would love to be a voice actor in one of your future games- please look on my profile on ways to contact me!

this.... its amazing.... i- best game ever .... marry me PLEASE LMAO 

if you ever need a tester/ advice on a game, i gotchu!!! just lemme know!

five stars would recommend.

a new door o-O woaH- im excited :D also i can beta test for free if you want me to! im actually a hired professional for some pretty decent games! like the new halo, and the new battlefield, then what remains of edith finch and some others! i specialize in finding bugs or broken content! i also can make some very specific identifications for your games! for free!

that could be a smart or not so smart thing depending on the person, for me it was hard to do a quick screenshot- 

the only other things that should be worked on is the main menu color schemes! (see first pic) you should make the letters really match the element they are, also! maybe change the font colors for the selection menu! (try slightly darker background)

a tutorial would really help with the game, also maybe a combo when dropping blocks,  it could really help (see second pic) also, try adding a timer to the levels and have it as a score based thing! i also learned that if you spam the 'x' key, it could mess up the blocks identifying each other, kinda strange game, its interesting though! i really like it!

im on it right now! give me thirty minutes and ill comment on the game post!

if you need a tester for your games, let me know! i offer my professional services for free!!

ofc :3

hey im willing to test any game as long as its not unreal engine! it can be about literally anything, just needs to run on a potato!

comment here if you need a tester!

this is why parents should beat their children lmao

bad at everything lmao

i would like to help with the grammar in the game, lemme know if i can help

yes, its not that its just not letting me on, school laptop lol, also i dont have wifi at home-

no i cant ywy

idk if i can use discord lemme try rq

i would like to play with you, since you made it!

hey! theres no toilet- also none of the "quests" show up no matter how long i sit there-

set a cooldown on the animation trigger, its pretty simple if you use unity

heres a description 

1) Add an Animation Event to your last key frame.

2) In Update you can continuously check if the animation has completed.
See AnimatorStateInfo

3) Start a coroutine that yields and waits for the animation to complete.

4) Use StateMachineBehaviour

hope this helps, unless im stupid and ur not using unity, if not lemme know and ill figure out how to fix it lol

(1 edit)

it looks promising- ill be back after a play thru :3

Edit: meh not much to say

oh- but i sat there for three hours waiting for it to do something lol- ill try again ig- ill be back in 16 hours