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After I downloaded the new update, here are some minor improvements, i would suggest:

  1. The night is way too dark, it feels like, there is no moon, cause he doesn't emmit enough light. The new water doesn't get lighter in areas around lamps, cooking stations; etc.
  2. In the beginning, the shark is now much harder, cause you have to hit him more then 3 times. Maybe the shark should get harder from time to time, but think 3 hits in the beginning is more then fine, because first, you have to fish and drink, to survive.
  3. Some type of clock should be implemented, so I know, how it takes to get day. Maybe some type of sundial, which you can build out of wood and some scrap

Some Ideas for a Multplayer: When they would add my suggestion with the colony, maybe they could add a multiplayer, where you can build up your colony with up to 20 others. Each starts on a raft, each have to get to some islands for the map so that they can meet each other on the land.

Another Idea would be a Coop, so that you start with 1 friend on the raft and have to do the stoy/ campagne.

Another Multiplayer idea would be to have a creative server, where you have a specific area on the sea. max. 20 areas are on the sea in a circle. (in the server options, you can choose for how much areas you want on the sea, and you can check a box, so that the less areas you want, the bigger they are). This Server is only for building the best and most functional raft. You can come on the server as a visitor, and you will spawn in the middle of the circle, where the visitor raft is. The visitors can go from one area to another by choosing them in a menu, to walk on the rafts and look around. They can vote for the best looking and functional raft. after each week the most voted raft will be displayed, and everybody can import it in their creative mode to have it as their own, If you import it to your game, you can't change it and the builder is displayed on a sign.

Yeah, thats a good idea. But i think it should be a little bit more expensive, like 20 scraps and 10 wood, to build a foundation with a metal bar. Because when its this expensive, they could handle it like that the shark does no damage to it at all. So when your raft is really really big, you dont have to check the bottom floor every hour. And when they implement other animals like a whale, they could add that this reinforced foundation only gets damage by a whale, which is very rarely and you can only see some whales after a specific point in the story of the game or after something like 4 hours. So if you dont have reinforced foundations, the whale instantly breaks a wood foundation, so you cant knock him away, like you can with the shark.

Here are some of my Ideas:

1. The Goal of the Game: - Your first goal is to build up your raft to survive on it.

- The second Goal is to build some type of things to move your raft over the water to specific points

- The third Goal is to get to some island, which you already could see from the raft far far away.

- On this islands are some rare materials for which you have to dig or knock on rocks (items which you can't found in the sea and which can give you more opportunities like reinforcing your foundation, better fire places where you can put more than 1 steak at a time etc.). And on some islands you can find pieces of an map in some kind of treasures. (So you have to get to more than 1 island to get the map.)

- The fourth goal and main goal is to get to the land, which you now can see on the map! To get to this land, you have to pass some dangerous zones with your raft (maybe not pirates but something like for example 5 sharks at a time and you have to throw in some meat in the water, so they won't notice you while drive threw them. So things for which you need a strategie to get threw, not to fight threw) When you reached the land you see a beach with a forest behind that. Maybe the world border could be a mountain in the forest. So you kinda finished now your game on the water.

- The final goal on the land is to build up a colony. For this you can find some natives in the forest. These persons only will follow you, when you build them specific houses. For this you can now craft a new house building hammer. Each house has a different thing to do. So you can have a taverne for drinks, a fishing house for fishing, a wood chopper for wood, a collecter house for collecting some berrys, a bakery for bread, a farming house for planting and collecting potatoes, and a market with a well for water. So to build up your colony, you have to collect the materials for each house you want to build. But you have to be careful with this. Because all natives need a specific amount of water and food everyday. If you cant reach this on 1 day it is okay, but if you cant reach it on the second day aswell, they burn up the house in which they work and run away. So to get them back you have to rebuild the house.

You dont have to go to every person itself to give him food and water, you just have to put it at the market, the natives are going every morning to the market and picking up their amount of food and water from their chests (so you have to put the food and water seperatly for each native in a specific spot in the inventory of the market, so you can get rid of a native by not giving him food). Some natives even need specific type of food, like only fish etc..

So have to slowly increase your colony, otherwise it will fall apart because you cant collect as much food and water as they want. Of course in the long time, you cant build a farm house and a native who picks up water, so you dont have to do this by yourself, but they need specific ressources.

So to end this my idea is, to add more goals to the game. So your first goal is to reach a island, because if look in your history you see, that you had a accident with your boat. On the island you find a piece of a map on which you see half of a name and something which looks like a land. Now you paddle with your raft from one island to another. Finally you have the full map and know where to go to reach the land. When you reach the land you see a native and you think why not build up a colony.

So thats my idea. What do you think about it? :)