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Hello edupo!

The gold bars were the last mechanic to be added so there wasn't any ease of use added to it. I will amend the game description to try and help current users understand how the gold bars work as we work on fixing this going forward.

We did place for a lot more levels but sadly time constrants got us.

Thank you very much for your feedback!

Hey Iron!

We tried our best to get the file size down but the engine adds a lot of junk on and we just didn't have the time to clean that out.

Thanks for understand that issue and thank you for your rating as well as your feedback.

Hopefully going forward the game will have enough content to justify that file size.

Really fun. Good amount of levels. I can't really think of anything wrong with it. Amazing job with this.

I felt it needed a beat and a little more of a diffculty curve. Easy was too easy and medium was too punishing. With a little bit of tweeking it should fix this. Other than that, Great job with this.

Really liked the game. It's short and sweet. The only problem I had was with the audio. All the noises were loud and high pitch. I can see how this could be by design but personally it doesn't work very well for people with sensitive hearing. Great job with this!

Once I got the hang of it all it was a lot of fun trying to make the jam. The tracks were a bit of a problem when I accidently misclicked and had to remove a load of them. Other than that, Great job.

Hey Arkia!

Thank you so much for the feedback.

We do plan on continuing to work on this and we've already got some plans on improving what we have.

Most of the features in the jam build sadly haven't been fleshed out just due to time crunch because of this movement and gun systems had to be limited like they are.

Thank you again for your feedback. Hopefully in a future build we can make this a lot better.