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Thanks for playing and I've never heard of that tigers and goats game but I will look it up!

Dungeon Shuffle is a 2 player puzzle game where one player strives to help the Adventurer escape the dungeon unharmed while the other player seeks to trap them with a horde of treacherous monsters! Shuffle and slide cards to manipulate the dungeon until you reach success. The game is fast-paced, easy to learn and super accessible, all you need is the 7 card print out sheet and a friend. 

Yes I drew the art myself. thanks

This was alot of fun! grinded out a longer password to slaughter the final enemy!

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Kingdom Roll is a quick and easy to play dice rolling print and play. Players strive to grown their kingdom as large as possible while also training their warriors to attack their enemies! Simply roll two dice and choose which numbered action you'd like to perform. Each game is different as you have your own unique ways to score victory points. Kingdom Roll is free to download and I would apricate as much feedback as possible. Let me know what you think?!

Played this game years ago. Amazing game, great setting