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I created two different manifest actions where the only difference between them is that one passes along command line arguments.

From the app logs I can see a line that says "Removing duplicate target". Looks like command line arguments are ignored when checking if a target is a duplicate.

Am I misunderstanding something?

My use case is a multiplayer game with a client and server. I want the default "play" action to start up in the main menu where you choose between hosting a server or joining a server. And the "server" action automatically launches a server without displaying a menu, by passing in a command line parameter.

Very addictive and fun game. Planned to play it for 5 minutes, ended up doing over 30 minutes. Very cool minimalistic graphic style, it's unexpected how much gameplay emerges out of such a simple combination of mechanics.

I had added this game to my "to play" collection based on the looks and because I like roguelikes. I only played a few minutes.

* The pixel graphics look very cool and attractive - I like also the font and ANSI colors, reminds me of my days playing MUDs

* Menu graphics are, however, incongruent with the rest of the graphical style - it does not feel like the same style at all. Sizes and layouts of menus do not seem to follow any structure

* I would really have liked to have started with a tutorial to learn the keys - had to look at the controls menu, which turned out to be really long and had to spend time hunting for how do I actually talk to the first character

* This is not objective but personal preference - I feel like I got too much lore in the beginning, I just wanted to start playing. Had to spend time reading the descriptions of items in my inventory, what that regeneration thing is, etc. Maybe again a tutorial where you acquire those things one-by-one would be helpful for this.

* Maybe a macOS thing, but there was no repeat on movement keys. Became annoying fast.

* Looking should be much more accessible. Maybe if the only way to interact with an object is looking at it, then interact would be the same as look. It felt annoying to have to hunt for the L key for such a mundane thing as looking at things.

* I gave up when I saw the staircase going into the basement - didnt want to go back to the huge controls screen to find out how to descend the stairway (I saw it was a separate key).

* Maybe I'm not the target audience as I'm a casual gamer but numpad keys to move diagonally seemed very intimidating having only a small laptop keyboard

I see a lot of effort has gone into this already - if you want to get more players, I'd focus more on making it easier to learn in the beginning. 

Really cool artwork and atmosphere. Well executed prototype - it was easy to understand what to do, felt very rewarding to reach each terminal. Cool little game. 

Cute game. Love the pixel art style.

It took me a while to figure out how it works. It needs explanations on the cards, or a tutorial.

I would play this again if I could play against a friend.