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Hi, thank you for purchasing the game. You will get an email with the key when the game is realeased.

For now no, but in the future probably

We hope to have and Alpha by the end of September, but the game will be launch  in 2019 on Steam.

Yes, but for now, we don't know when

Cool video, remember that if you join our Discord Server, we will give you  the YouTuber Role. You will be get a key for the closed alpha, the day we realease it.

Explain with a little more detail, what is your problem? Can you not open it?

The Demo is right now available for windows, and we don't have any official realease date for the full game.

For now we are not sure, but surely you will need a good PC to play the final version of the game. We will try to optimize it as best as possible, but think that it will be an open world game with quite high graphics.

Yes, it will. 

New Life is an open world RPG inspired in the real life, in New Life you will be able to work as a truck driver or have your own truck company. Or just go for the riskier side and traffic with drugs or rob banks. page:


You can find more here:

Yes, this week we will put it

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In the game you play as David, a sailor who ended up on an island in South America in 1492 after his ship sank after a storm. On the island you will have to collect resources and food to build a shelter and survive. You have to go very carefully on the island as it is habited by several tribes which most want to kill you. Your objective is to be able to build a raft and be able to escape the island before they kill you. You will have enough time to discover temples, caves and new islands. ( The game is under development )