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Hm, I didnt see myself or my play testers encounter this problem, but yeah

Hey, thanks for your feedback. I think what you meant by the sound effects playing at the wrong time was the shooting sound, which looking back now couldve been the enemy damage sound, I also added ammo pickup and damage sounds, I think I just set them a little too low. And yeah, I forgot to loop the music xD

I did, a hole would pop up and the zombies would come out
(Feedback would be nice too :D)

(feedback would be appreciated too :D)

Ill try to upload the source code in the near future since this will be my first time uploading it


How does the "raffle" part work?

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Hey! I liked the mechanics, like the dead body platform, the cooldowns could be shortened a bit, was a lil confuse at the start but eventually got there, overall, nice game :D (Just noticed that there was a disclaimer on the top of the page xD)

1. If you try to double jump with the coyote time then it will not work(Im still trying to fix it and will make and update once the jams ends)

2. can you elaborate?

1st part is intended, the 2nd part i dont really know how to fix (I explained it here on the 2nd line)

wdym? If you mean the red spirit that is for the projectiles

You had a great idea, but I think everyone else also had a problem with the tutorial level, I could see this as an actual game, you just need to fix some mechanics first, Overall it was ok! :D

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Cool Game! The music was really nice. And like what the comment below me said, going diagonal is faster than going straight. And maybe add an outline to all the dangerous obstacles, but thats probably it, Great Game!

I like it, was very fun and well made! I only got somewhere around 600 points lmao. (Ngl game kinda gives me "mobile game" vibes hehe).

Does it have to be exactly 5 colors or can it be 5 colors or less

Yeah, I would have to agree on that too. But thanks for the feedback!

Hey, I am quite new to programming and this is my first ever game jam, so I didnt really know how to fix those, but maybe in the future, it could be much better, Thanks for the feedback! :D

Thanks :D


Thank you!

Hey there,

Thank you very much for your feedback, Highly Appreciated! I will keep this in mind for my future games!