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Happy to get acquainted. My game is out at:

The game is free. There are some paid content packs, but if you would like some additional free decks, there is a growing list of stuff I made while testing different AI models hosted on my patreon. You can check out my blog post with the downloads here: (no membership required).

Keep in touch!

I will be releasing the rule set editor soon. Maybe you would like to play around with it when I do...

Steam won't let me publish my game with AI generated images, so you can grab it free right here on Itch! If you enjoy it, great! It is yours to play forever. If you would like more versions of solitaire or additional card deck options, you can consider supporting me here by  purchasing add-ons with additional solitaire types and lots of cool card decks made from AI generated images!

Check out the details on AI Solitaire:

AI Solitaire features both Klondike Solitaire and Pyramid Solitaire. It includes 24 different deck styles to choose from and has password protected parental controls to make sure that you and your family only see the content you choose to see. The base game is free and can be played as is without any cost forever. We plan to offer rulesets DLC with additional solitaire versions and content DLC with more fun deck styles that you can choose to purchase, or not.

The 24 deck styles in the base game include 2 traditional playing card decks, 10 decks rated "Family Friendly," 10 decks rated "Teen+", and 2 decks that are rated "Adult." None of the decks in the base game include any nudity. The "adult" decks in the base game are rated that way due to the use of lingerie.


  • Traditional Face Cards
  • Easy Read Alphanumeric Cards


  • Animation - Fairies
  • Carved
  • Classy Cartoons
  • Gasbags
  • Naturals - Humming Birds
  • Naturals - Life's a Beach
  • Naturals - Microscopic
  • Poptastic!
  • Tiled
  • Warm Fuzzies


  • Bikini Beach
  • Celebritease - All Dolled Up
  • Colorific - Angels Among Us
  • Fashionably Fit
  • Girl Next Door - Ballerina
  • Graffiti - Super Girls
  • Poptastic! - Future So Bright
  • Sexy Robots
  • Sweet and Sexy - Swimsuit Edition
  • Zombies! - Wildlife


  • Fashionably - Not So Secret
  • Pinups - Beach Babes

Hi, I am preparing to release my own solitaire game here because steam denied it due to the use of AI generated art on the card decks, so I thought I would go and check out some of the competition here. Your game stands out among the others due to its polish. Nice Job!

A couple suggestions I have would be that when the stock is empty you should probably turn off the card back that represents it. It is confusing to see a "card" left when there really aren't any. a couple of quality of life improvements could include flipping the face down cards face up once they are uncovered in the tableau. Similarly, any card in the tableau ranked less than three below the lowest card in the foundations can safely be thrown to the foundations. It makes it easier to play, prevents the player from missing a move they should make. Most importantly, it will automatically finish out the game for you automatically once all the cards left are faced up and built in rank ordered piles.

Any way, great job. You should be proud! 8^)