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Really hard game though I have managed to finish it. But I did not get the idea of the jams theme from your submission. But It is great that you have managed to make a real situation a funny little game.

I enjoyed it . Keep up the good work

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wow really nice game you got there . I could not here any music but that maybe my computers condition. I really liked your take on the theme and also please continue the project I would like to see more like this. By the way those squishes are very cute

Things That could be improved:

Add some Music and effects to the game 

Make the game longer  

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Great game , but can you collect all of the toilet paper ? (I could not get past the 4th one) And also which engine did you use ?


If you see my expertise fulfilling why not ?

what do you do ? If you are a musician or an artist we can team up

Your game has very cool mechanics and is good at level design but you can make your game better with the following things : First of all make the tokens valuable so the player really wants to collect them . Because without going for the tokens your game is very short and easy also you should have spent more time at art for example the tokens are just yellow circles and the poisonous water 's graphics are just effortless . Also after a certain point the game play becomes a little boring without music you should definitely add some music  . But overall the game fits the theme very well so good job !

Nice game ! Really enjoyed playing it . Hope you get a good rating you deserve it. The game goes so good with the genre . 

You took a different look for the theme appreciated it

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Maybe next time you should study harder for level design and the story

How is there so much blue ınk ?