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Your game has very cool mechanics and is good at level design but you can make your game better with the following things : First of all make the tokens valuable so the player really wants to collect them . Because without going for the tokens your game is very short and easy also you should have spent more time at art for example the tokens are just yellow circles and the poisonous water 's graphics are just effortless . Also after a certain point the game play becomes a little boring without music you should definitely add some music  . But overall the game fits the theme very well so good job !

Thanks for your feed back and also You just have to act like it is a normal platformer game in the knife part .(throw your knife at the button for the platform to come , read the description part for more details.)

Thanks for your thoughts and suggestions 

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Thanks !

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well , there is a second counter at the right top of the screen which counts your time when you were alive . Thanks for your suggestions and opinions 

Nice game ! Really enjoyed playing it . Hope you get a good rating you deserve it. The game goes so good with the genre . 

this needs to be about ninjas

You took a different look for the theme appreciated it

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Maybe next time you should study harder for level design and the story

How is there so much blue ınk ?

Thanks m8 that really made my day