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One of the few games where I got to the end without scratching my head at some point, asking myself what is probably expected from me. Good pacing and effective communication of what my options are and how to proceed.

The only (minor) inconvinience I had with the design was that I couldn't identify at a glance which type of atmosphere all the planets had.

But aside from that, this is an exceptionally round and enjoyable experience, really great job you guys! (:

Thank's a lot for playing till the end! (:

Really interesting that you felt like there was missing feedback when the player gets hit (considering there's some player flicker, a hurt sound and screen shake). I guess it's all just a little too subtle, I'll keep that in mind!

So true with the boss, it was jammed in the last second :p.

Played it to the end, quite an enjoyable and complete experience! (:

I was a little confused at first when I actually take damage. Mainly because I didn't understand that the trails the purple goops leave behind damage me as well. Especially when they leave an item, my instinct was to immediatly rush over and pick it up, which led to me touching the still remaining trail and get damaged.

Aside from that, I had a smooth experience so really nice job!

Hey there, thanks for trying out the game! (:

Interesting point with the dash behaviour, we didn't think about that before. We envisioned a linear progression through the sections, so jumping walls and taking shortcuts didn't seem like the best idea. Maybe we shouldn't even have suggested the ability to dash to the other side by designing the sections differently for example?

In hindsight, you're probably right about the teleporters. We should've just deactivated them fully when you used them once. My line of thinking was, if the player gets a little lost and ends up at a teleporter he already visited, I'm not going to make him/her backtrack all the way back again. Initially we planned to make the colored "cross" at the spawn on the ground glow, to indicate which cardinal directions have already been cleared. Just one of the features we had to cut because of time constraints... :(

We held a 1 week "mini game jam" just for the two of us prior to this jam, so that's pretty much our experience with Unity and making games (we already had coding and art experience tho). I wish we would've been a little more seasoned, then the game could've been more like what we envisioned from the start. But oh well, we still jumped in and learned a ton, so I guess we got what we came for.