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Maybe for some of the choices he could ask why you picked it and depending on your response he might dislike it less? Like I actually really like the cow fur. I think he is cute with it. Maybe he would ask why you picked that and could say that you always liked cows growing up? He could still be embarrassed but maybe understand then why you chose that?

Just finished Tylos story and I really like it so far. Everything is nice about it and can't wait to see what else happens in the other stories. Also Tylos story ending broke my heart a bit. Want to change what ends up happening. >.<

Ok I just want to say that I love this game. I have played on all the routes so far and I love each of the characters. I especially love coach but who doesn't. I can't wait till it is finished. Sorry for saying only what I like and not praising you for this cause I really should. This game truly is amazing. Thank you so much for making and working on this. :) Also I hope I can order a coach plushie. They so cute!