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I managed to get the Halloween party to trigger within a few days, and I just went and the first thing I bought was the witch dress. I also had no idea what I was doing.

1.27 android several times events have triggered where I did not own the items that appeared in the event or triggered in the wrong order. The new years event triggering and resolving before I even did the halloween event. Brenda black mailing with a picture of Kelly using the massager and shool outfit before purchasing the massager. Being punished for not getting Kelly to have a dick inside her after the Halloween event where she did get a dick inside her. Being forced to do 2 Saturday punishments in one day, the one with Viki and the final one.

I doubt it since my phone Galaxy A-10 was just released in March, and that is the only scene that the game crashes in. It just straight up crashes as soon as I click the option.

The android version crashes whenever you try to give Felicity a Squirtothon in the dungeon.

Is there another way to get the latest version besides patreon and waiting two weeks? I am willing to pay, $10 is nothing. I just don't like patreon since it fucked over a few creators I liked.

Lust Doll community · Created a new topic Resolution bug

I try to launch the game and this happens. It changed my monitor resolution, rearranged my desktop and doesn't display the game properly.