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OK soooooo I just finished the game from whats available and I am Hooked! I was so ready for beach day! If we want to talk about favorites so far in this order it goes Tora, Kouya, and Shun. Those are my top three. Tora because he's that typical character with the nice bod, over confident attitude but whos a downright sweetheart and (just finding this out) a big softy. I of course typically want to see something develop between him and hiro. That'll be my first path. As for kouya , I like his bad boy feel he has even though he has a tender side to him. He gets annoyed easily and doesn't like to talk about himself much probably because he hates judgmental people. Willing to come out of his shell for Hiro though.  Now for shun. I personally have a favorite when it comes to wolves they're my overall favorite animal. Shun's nerdy personality is adorable especially towards Hiro. Like can we talk about that cute little floof wagging back and forth every time he practically sees Hiro?!?! My heart  melts. Suprised on how tiny he is especially for a wolf but it fits that adorable personality so I'm not complaining! haha. I hope this continues because I'm all for it. seems like its gonna be a decent sized novel especially if its following 30 days exactly I'm ready for it. I was thinking maybe the sprites might get more facial and body expressions? like shun does? tail movement, facial expressions. I saw a good amount has them so I can tell your working on them just was curious if the rest will be up there like shun and tora. I'm ecstatic of this novel. I read a lot of FVN. BUT im picky and this caught my eye so that's saying something so awesome work so far! Hope to see more!

Ok sooooooo lol Near the end of his route after his talk with Sydney at that point the hysteria has him right because Sydney is dead. well because of that he goes crazy and somehow manages to catch himself on fire. Literally his skin burn off. It freaks Carl and that salamander guy (forget his name) out. This seems to also be the way he turns into the very monster that was attacking them in his and Leos route. or the monster takes over his body and hes just conscious about it idk because obviously he wasn't the one attacking them when he was there being attacked with them.  The part where he goes bling his eyeballs have melted out of his sockets at that point i believe and remember at some point during his route someone describes the monster face as an electrical socket? Flynn develops the same look at this point. Now right before the end remember he was in some weird place? a closet I think and a little girl opened it and spoke? now think back to Leos route where Jenna mentions to chase that she remembers seeing a monster like figure when she was younger but ignore it because she thought it was due to stress or something. that monster was/is Flynn. I think i explained it to the best of my memory you'll have to go back to get further detail but somehow Flynn becomes that creature and gets caught in a time loop that part if confusing itself but maybe its just because that general idea of echo is a loop. history repeats itself.

OOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH my god I need that scene lmao

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Honestly I am in love with the story and their relationship more then anything haha. I;m still dreading hershel telling sissel the truth considering last time it didnt go so well after. Everything went down hill from there. 

It literally was the best. Im actually hoping the rest of the routes are cute like that. Owen is a sweetheart 

Im sorry but the date, the song, it was all so beautiful!! I cried so hard I was so happy! it was the cutest thing ever. I wish I had a guy who was romantic like that

So question In the end SPOILER ALERT IF YOU DIDNT READ YET BTW if you dont stay with tiger you die? like what? 

True but still I cant help but love the cuteness they have with each other. Makes me smile so much because Im kind of in the same situation. Best friend doesnt know either. but as for the others idk still thinking about how i feel about them alex left a bad taste in my mouth in the beginning lol and i thought he was pretty cute had a bad boy sexyness vibe i liked. the rest? ehhhhhhhh still thinking. Hyper is just my guy kinda love him my damn self lmao!

aww now that heartbreaking those two literally are meant for each other after all of that especially towards the end how he feels calm in his arms? its all too cute not for them to be together.