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Im sorry to tel you this. but im having the same problem. 
U can count me in to buy the game anyway i really like it!

NICE! I understood the Starshiptroopers reference! 

NICE! Thanks!

I run the StandaloneWindows64.exe, a Unity logo appears, then stuck like this for ages. 

Same problem here

When you finish a demo, and you jump out of the chair screaming no! because you wanted to continue It means that what you have played is good. I hope you advance strong! I'll be watching

Muy buen comiendo, ese toque constante de humor en todo, el movimiento, la gracia artística. Muy bien estoy esperando  ansioso

This an outstanding work.

Im wondering, if i buy this game here ( i want ) i have to repay when it comes out?

I have some ideas, and adjustments that may interest you, where could I write them?

It was obvious, but I did not think about it. Thank you.

Where can we report bugs to you?

Ok thankyou!

Can we have a save game option?

We got your back

My suggestion is to add some mechanics, or objects, that make the upper parts useful. Now you only make a higher floor, because it looks nice.


Its fucking pretty awesome!!! I want to keep involved.