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Dan Emmerson

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Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it :)

Thanks :)

Wow, what an honor. Thank you.

Yeah unfortunately the generation isn't perfect, but if I carried on working on the game I'd fine tune that for sure.

Yeah the generation isn't 100% perfect, but if I were to continue development I'd give the ol' algorithm a few tweaks.


Thank you :) Apparently so.

At least you don't have to reload them in a hurry - oh...

Sure, if we're doing golf rules.

Thanks :) I'd look into making a mobile port if the game got super popular maybe...

Thank you. It's definitely changed a lot since then, and I'm really pleased with how it turned out. That feeling of panic was exactly what I was hoping for!

Cheers! I wanted to make sure the sounds were satisfying - it's half the experience.

Thank you very much. Maybe maybe :)

Pretty good! I don't think I've gotten that far before.

Thank you everyone so far for leaving such nice comments. Please continue to spread the word!

Best game

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👍 I love the simplicity of this game.  I kinda miss those tank-control horror games, and Don't Let Them In has a nice, eerie air of RE4 about it. I like the art style, and it has a certain abiguous charm in the designs that makes you use your imagination as to what they are.

👎 I struggled with the camera - often it clipped through walls, or came so close that I couldn't seen that my character had gotten stuck on a corner.

👍 I'm a big fan of Minish Cap, and you've done a great job of capturing the style in such a small resolution. It's impressive how much is in the game considering the time limit.

👎 Those red slimes are so quick!

👍 Nice little game. Love the parallax effect of the 3D. Controls are tight and punchy, and the floating heart is a nice touch. 

👎 The music doesn't really seem to fit in my opinion.

Hi Lone Spelunker.

First of all thanks for the kind words. I think you're right in a lot of what you said about the speed of progress, and you're not the only one. It was a game jam game so unfortunately balancing took a back seat. But that's the next task. As is saving. has just introduced devlogs for games so please follow that for future updates.

And yes, the Witch will be getting some personality in the next update :) 

Moonwitch Garden community · Created a new topic Changelog

Up-to-date list of updates to the game

What else could be in the game?
I'm planning on continuing work on Moonwitch Garden in the future so I'd like to hear suggestions on what new things could be added to the experience.

Moonwitch Garden community · Created a new topic Bugs
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Something went wrong?
Describe the issue in as much detail as possible, and please include the version number (in the settings window)

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I want to hear back from you and your thoughts on the game. Good or bad. Constructive criticism would be useful.