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Whoa, that was fun. Well thought, compact idea.

A really solid game; clean pixel art, good sound design, good balance between speed, precision and planning. Satysfying.

Thanks :)

I plan to make the game available on, but for now, it is only playable on Steam. I thought that since it's free, it's very much in the spirit of However if, i'm wrong, i will delete this post (didn't want to make anyone upset, even sent an email before, asking if that's okay, but didn't get the answer).

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Hello good people,
I'm super proud to announce that my first game has made it to the Steam, and now It also has an itch page:
FurryFury is a dynamic turn-based beast-rolling online arena brawl on physics (imagine billiards meets monsters, skills and deadly arenas). You can play single player or co-op, with or against you friend, in 2vs2 and 1vs1 modes, or challenges agains AI. There are many beasts to play as, each one with unique skills and playstyle, customizations and more. The game is also super fair, does not offer any payed gameplay advantage and it never ask you to buy anything.

I'm still working on it so expect new content, achievements, language options and... the grand premiere soon. And meanwhile, have a nice play!

Dat light effect <3

How is this not on Steam yet? The game is awesome. ( need help with port? ;> )

It works; infuriating and addictive :D