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WebGL is a basic feature of browsers these days, it's definitely 100% safe and not malware. I am also using the same version of Firefox (but the 64bit one), if it keeps not working for you perhaps your graphics drivers need an update, or WebGL is disabled in your browser for some other reason, in any case I'd go to this URL to make sure WebGL2 is working properly:

The black screen could also just be a loading issue, perhaps related to itch's recent outages, so hard-refreshing the game's page might also fix it.

I hope this helps.



The game is a web game, yes. That zip file isn't meant to be downloaded, you're supposed to click "Run Game" to play it in the browser.

I think I see the error you're getting, "Cannot create WebGL context, aborting", you're using Linux, correct? It looks like your computer doesn't support WebGL for some reason, which is required in order to run the game. You might want to try updating your browser and/or graphics drivers.

When you go to this link does it tell you "Your browser supports WebGL2"?

I hope that helps. The game wasn't specifically tested on linux, but it should run properly on all modern browsers.

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It's not a download, it's a web game, you can play it here at:

Just click "Run game"

Nice game. Some notes:

  • On my machine (Windows, Firefox) there's a constant bug where very often after throwing the newspaper the game would freeze for about 2 seconds.
  • The trees fell in a way that blocked hitting one of the houses, not sure if completely, but I couldn't get it through even after several attempts.
  • Minor suggestion - Also react to hitting the game title that appears at the start.

Solved it. Very nice game, figuring out the main rule was a fun challenge, and then applying said rule was also fun. I'd post a screenshot of the solution but I don't want to potentially spoil it for others.

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I'm ok so far, thanks. A rocket did hit my neighborhood, but it was a few blocks away

Thanks for the nice comment, I'm glad you got into it :)

And you're definitely right, if I developed this game further I'd definitely add an option to buy / sell many with less clicks.

I only finished 4 levels for now, might return later, but already I can say this is a super smart idea and amazingly polished for a one-man jam game. Well done!

Really nice game, I enjoyed it, great graphic design and overall polish. In the beginning it slightly reminded me of my own game, "Clority", but it ended up being very different.

Thanks! I very much appreciate the detailed answer. :)

It's always nice to get the validation that I'm not doing anything wrong. I hope the creator of the original game will feel the same way and won't get mad. Given that they open-sourced their code (which again, I didn't use), I think I can be optimistic.

Honest question - I'm currently working on a game heavily inspired by an existing game, it has similar mechanics but with some new twists, all new art and all new code, would that be considered a "ripoff"? I looked it up and legally game mechanics aren't copyrighted, but still, should that be considered unethical in some way? I think that building on existing ideas is fair game, but am I missing something? I am planning to give credit to the original game within the game itself, and link to it.

Great little thinky game, I enjoyed figuring out the mechanics. Would've liked a slightly more dramatic ending. Scanning QR codes was slightly tedious but no biggy.

I think this mechanic has potential, I'd pay for a full game with more "sub-mechanics" to figure out.

I had the same critical bug "Tulenväki Productions" described, so I played the post-jam version, I hope you didn't change anything other than fixing that game-breaking bug, because that would be unfair to the other jammers, rating-wise...

Anyways, presentation-wise, the game looks very good, much better than most jam games.

About the gameplay, as you mentioned it's somewhat similar to my game. It took me a while to figure out how the roll-each-heart-to-check-if-hit mechanic worked, and that the character in the middle of the screen is the opponent and its die-sides, after figuring those things out, I think it's pretty clever. One downside for me is that there really aren't any choices to make accept for the initial choice of "die-sides". I think the game could be more interesting if you could see the upcoming opponent in advance, and build a die specifically to counter that opponent. Also it probably would be an improvement if there were any choices to make during combat.

From a UX perspective, the game is way more communicative than mine, cudos for designing it in a way to that helps intuitively understand what was happening. I was too bogged down in getting the core mechanic to function that I never got around to working on that, but it's super important.

Good stuff! finished it. I'm surprised someone actually found a solid puzzle game idea for this theme. Presentation is nice too, getting some Baba is You vibes with these wobbly lines. :)

I'm not sure, but I think it goes through neighbor enemies, and when it does that it also increases the damage maybe?


Finally finished it 100%. This is a great thinky puzzle, you've got some very clever ideas. I'd pay good money for a sequel or a similar out-of-the-box thinky game. Keep at it. :)

114, not bad I guess... I feel like I could've survived much longer if I hadn't made so many mistakes... Once again, great game.

Great game, so far only got 42, but I'll keep trying. I love games that let players experiment to figure out what the rules are, and how mechanics work.

Only feedback I have is that I'd make the player's tile more graphically distinct from the other tiles.

Finally. (great game)

Very nice game. That last level took me more than an hour, I think.

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Nice game, the "advanced" mechanic (don't want to spoil it) was a very nice twist.

I only found this game because someone got to my own puzzle game from the "related games" option. Glad I did.

Cool stuff, survived 10. Graphics and audio are very nice, seem quite polished. Gameplay was fun to figure out but started to feel a bit tedious later on.

nice art :)

It said "press ALT-F4 to restart" when I died at that level, pretty sure that wasn't a bug but intentional trolling by the developer :D

I replayed everything and it was in fact the last level.

Nah, I'm sure you're not dumb, it's a pretty confusing game, I just uploaded another version that might make the game more fair. By the way, if you get stuck you can watch the walkthrough video (it's 40 seconds) to figure out how to continue. Anyways, glad you found the idea interesting.

Thanks, glad you liked it :)

Thanks! I also noticed half-way through the development that it's somewhat similar to Gorogoa, which is one of my favorite games.

Thank you so much!

I'll probably work on a better version after the jam voting is done, I doubt I'll make a full game out of it, but I do want to polish things a little more. (and fix that silly ghost tree bug...)

Thanks :)

I'm glad I added a video this time, it's a good fallback for when people get stuck playing my games, which are usually quite confusing. 😅

Great feedback! I definitely agree, the interaction with the hose is very confusing and uncommunicative, I also saw the same confusion when I let my colleagues try the game at the office today... I'll probably release a better version after the jam voting is done. Anyways, I'm glad you liked the rest of it :)

Really well done! First time I'm giving full scores in the rating. This was original and also felt super polished for a jam game!

Except for that minus bug that I only read about after finishing the game, but let's ignore that for now :)

I like your usual "no explanations, just figure it out" approach, I think it's the way to go for the best puzzle games, and this one was very interesting. I did end up half guessing the final level, and fully guessing the one before it. I like how the levels themselves are automatically generated, I might try this again in the future.

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Yeah it's my bad for not including the goal in the game's actual intro screen. I'm always torn between explaining things implicitly and letting players discover everything for themselves. Glad you still found it satisfying :)

Thanks Cael! I appreciate it :)

Thanks, I actually came up with the 2 planes idea mid-development, glad it worked out :)

Thanks so much :)

Thanks, glad you liked it :)

I also think that concept has some potential