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I'm not sure, but I think it goes through neighbor enemies, and when it does that it also increases the damage maybe?


Finally finished it 100%. This is a great thinky puzzle, you've got some very clever ideas. I'd pay good money for a sequel or a similar out-of-the-box thinky game. Keep at it. :)

114, not bad I guess... I feel like I could've survived much longer if I hadn't made so many mistakes... Once again, great game.

Great game, so far only got 42, but I'll keep trying. I love games that let players experiment to figure out what the rules are, and how mechanics work.

Only feedback I have is that I'd make the player's tile more graphically distinct from the other tiles.

Finally. (great game)

Very nice game. That last level took me more than an hour, I think.

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Nice game, the "advanced" mechanic (don't want to spoil it) was a very nice twist.

I only found this game because someone got to my own puzzle game from the "related games" option. Glad I did.

Cool stuff, survived 10. Graphics and audio are very nice, seem quite polished. Gameplay was fun to figure out but started to feel a bit tedious later on.

nice art :)

It said "press ALT-F4 to restart" when I died at that level, pretty sure that wasn't a bug but intentional trolling by the developer :D

I replayed everything and it was in fact the last level.

Nah, I'm sure you're not dumb, it's a pretty confusing game, I just uploaded another version that might make the game more fair. By the way, if you get stuck you can watch the walkthrough video (it's 40 seconds) to figure out how to continue. Anyways, glad you found the idea interesting.

Thanks, glad you liked it :)

Thanks! I also noticed half-way through the development that it's somewhat similar to Gorogoa, which is one of my favorite games.

Thank you so much!

I'll probably work on a better version after the jam voting is done, I doubt I'll make a full game out of it, but I do want to polish things a little more. (and fix that silly ghost tree bug...)

Thanks :)

I'm glad I added a video this time, it's a good fallback for when people get stuck playing my games, which are usually quite confusing. 😅

Great feedback! I definitely agree, the interaction with the hose is very confusing and uncommunicative, I also saw the same confusion when I let my colleagues try the game at the office today... I'll probably release a better version after the jam voting is done. Anyways, I'm glad you liked the rest of it :)

Really well done! First time I'm giving full scores in the rating. This was original and also felt super polished for a jam game!

Except for that minus bug that I only read about after finishing the game, but let's ignore that for now :)

I like your usual "no explanations, just figure it out" approach, I think it's the way to go for the best puzzle games, and this one was very interesting. I did end up half guessing the final level, and fully guessing the one before it. I like how the levels themselves are automatically generated, I might try this again in the future.

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Yeah it's my bad for not including the goal in the game's actual intro screen. I'm always torn between explaining things implicitly and letting players discover everything for themselves. Glad you still found it satisfying :)

Thanks Cael! I appreciate it :)

Thanks, I actually came up with the 2 planes idea mid-development, glad it worked out :)

Thanks so much :)

Thanks, glad you liked it :)

I also think that concept has some potential

Thanks, I always care the most about keeping it original :)

Thanks :) I guess pixel-art always gives a retro vibe.

Thanks :)

So you ... liked that it's confusing?

Thanks, glad you liked it :)

I feel you, I also found a bug about 10 minutes after submissions were closed... Luckily for me it's only related to the final ~10% of the game, and only breaks the game occasionally 😅.

Also got 32, this is so hard to control, but I feel like it's a skill that can be developed, so it's challenging in a fair way. Good stuff, quite original.

Pretty nice, reminds me of when Doom 3 came out in 2004 and everyone was making fun of the fact you can't use a flashlight and a gun at the same time in that game, until someone made a "duct-tape mod".

Gameplay is fun, not super challenging. I'm wondering what would take this mechanic to the next level, perhaps enemies with more surprising movements that will make them harder to predict while blind.

Graphics and audio are very neat, really liked the vibe.

Minor bug - shots don't spawn from the gun's position as expected, and might sometimes instantly collide with a nearby wall when spawning unexpectedly below the character, like when aiming to the left.

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Well done, love your explorable games, and this one is a great addition.

Got to 81, not bad I think. :)

Very nice, glad you added the AI so quickly. Art is solid too, I like how the hats are jumping around.

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Played about 40% of the levels so far. (edit: finished it now)

Game design is solid, levels are well designed to introduce the player to new concepts, I enjoyed it.

Audio (Music + SFX) is nice and fits the vibe.

Graphic design is great in some ways (cool effects) but feels amateurish in others:

  • lines partially covering other lines
  • lines have inconsistent thicknesses
  • sometimes gradients and sometimes solid colors for no apparent reason
  • why rectangles instead of squares? (same width & height is easier on the eyes)

Good game generally but could use some polish.

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Great game, I really enjoy "A ha! moments" and this game provided several.

That said, two notes:

- Level 15 killed the performance for me, so I stopped there.

- I think the "challenge" of aiming it correctly shouldn't be a challenge, the game should just tell you where it will land before you click. That way, the game can focus on exploring its main (and very interesting!) concept of levels-within-levels and challenging the player to understand how it works and the implications, and less on guesstimating how far the mouse should be from the square in order to provide the right amount of force.

I would buy a polished version of that.

Like @Casual42 commented:

"often, execution is more difficult than finding the solution. It shouldn't be a game about execution."

Interesting game, I enjoyed it.

The only thing I didn't like is that Minesweeper-esque rule where if you randomly click on an invisible bomb you lose the game.

Can't wait to play it, looks super well designed

It's simpler than it looks - just block all of the lava while keeping your access to the two keys.

Well done, very original idea. It got a bit tedious at times, but I enjoyed it overall. Only figured out the numbers are also usable in the beginning of the last level, never had to use them before.