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This game was quite interesting, I liked the way it used the old chain messages idea, the only issue I found was the ending felt a bit blunt and anti-climactic but other than that this was probably one of the more fun VN type games I've played.

The story of this game is definitely pretty decent, it felt a bit rushed which I guess is thanks to the word count limit, there wasn't much tension or emotion in the air, the ghosts recounts of her final moments or Ivy's thrillseeking journey needed more depth to them. I also found the music to be mismatched with the overall tone and scene, the beginning of the track worked well but the orchestral part ruined it and it felt like it cut out at the wrong places when building suspense.

Other than those few issues, the game is definitely good especially for how much time and limitations were paired with the making of the game. I'd rate this game a solid 6.5/10 for sure.

It was an interesting game, definitely on the short side but that's to be expected, the quality of the game is high and the dialogue that is there flows pretty well. There wasn't much depth painted on the Jester and that's what kind of knocked it down a bit for me, he didn't seem playful enough and didn't really give you that feeling of evil.  Other than that though the game is definitely worth playing.

Solid 8/10 for sure.

This game was pretty fun, the controls kind of infuriated me at the beginning but I got over that eventually. It's got a simple objective with non-complex mechanics and the endings are pretty sweet, I did also like the inclusion of a secret I won't say. 

The music isn't too abrasive but the repetitive song does get a bit annoying since it feels like a 10 second loop of an FL studio project but other than that it functions well with the kind of game and does have that kind of mood you'd expect from a game like this.

Overall it was fun and for something made in 4 days was definitely worth the time. Solid 7/10 game for sure.

An impactful and short game with a deep message hidden behind the gameplay. The graphics, the ambience, the notes, everything fit together perfectly making an interesting game definitely worth playing. What it lacks in playtime it makes up for everywhere else. 

It's a really nice game and I had a good time playing it, overall it's definitely a 9/10 for sure.

The puzzles were definitely not easy to solve but also not too hard that they posed a challenge that would have you sit there for 20 minutes achieving nothing. The art style was also really good and the concept was fun and different but still keeping that original snake feeling.

The lack of music or any in game sounds really is what dropped it down a notch for me, I believe it would add to the fun of the game with sound effects for your snake eating a chilli, switching to the next puzzle, bgm, etc. 

Overall the game is a solid 8/10 with everything considered.

Overall pretty interesting take on g-dash type games, it definitely allows for a lot more creative freedom in the paths you can take. The music choice was good but the game currently feels very plain.

The start menu is very basic, there's a lack of a menu screen during games and the room you're in feels way too big and too lifeless, a small bit of scenery would help make it look way less bland.

Other than the graphical side though, the mechanics are smooth, there's a small bug when exiting games that can have you spawn in the wrong section of the next map you load, everything else functions as it would in g-dash. For a game made in 4 weeks though, this is pretty dang good, I'd give it a solid 5/10 for sure.

This was a simple but enjoyable game that I found pretty fun. Couldn't notice any obvious bugs or glitches that would make the experience less fun, the difficulty scaling between easy and hard works well, it's not too easy but still rewards the player frequently and it's not too hard but still adds significant challenge to the player. 

Definitely a good fun little game to play!

This was a pretty fun game to play honestly. The design looks great, I like the music in the background, the level design is alright, the mechanics are smooth. It's great by all those regards, one thing I personally don't like whether it's a bug or a feature is losing all coins if you die and having to go back through the level to get them again which is a bit of a nuisance. Other than that, this game is a solid 7/10 for sure. 

The game is fun, there's some nice dialogue, I like the art style and I think that the choices you made were somewhat meaningful towards the endings. The only thing I didn't like was the fact that there is no music or sound at all for that matter. I would say this game is about a solid 6/10. The lack of sound takes away from the environment and the encounters are pretty short. With sound this game would be an 8/10 for sure

Preventing running whilst using a giger counter is definitely a good idea, I think maybe instead of just firing shots, an aiming mechanism could be useful which would inhibit the players movement speed a bit more, basically making it so that they have to slow down, aim and shoot rather than shoot turn and run. Another thing on top of that regarding running is maybe factoring exhaustion in. This character has unlimited endurance apparently, maybe having it so that the more you sprint in x amount of time would cause for slower sprint cooldowns meaning you really have to be mindful of how you proceed when using the giger counter, shotgun and your sprinting.

The radiation is also a decent idea though I think it wouldn't make a lot of sense as why would anyone go into a place they know is radioactive considering they have a giger counter but not go in with radioactive gear. It could definitely work, maybe having deceased workers in the area with pieces to a hazmat suit that you can equip, gaining all the pieces will grant you immunity to the radiation but before that you would be susceptible to radiation poisoning which would slow you down like you said.

A cool little thing that you could choose to add aswell is the more rocks you get the slower you move, I think what isn't done alot is realism in games like this but it would add to the tension I think, having a monster chasing you while you have 6 rocks in your backpack. You've to return to your car only to find out that you dropped your keys back in the area, you've to go an retrieve them but since you pissed off the monster it becomes a lot more aggressive and vicious towards you, moves faster, takes more bullets and is the thing guarding the keys.

There's a whole lot that could be done and I definitely have some ideas cause I really like the idea behind this game and the fact that you might go back to it, in which case I would definitely play the update version 100%. What I would really like in this kind of game is a more story based approach, more locations, more monsters of varying speeds, hostility and such aswell as a few more quests to keep the player entertained. Excited to see if anything more is done with this game. I'll be sure to check up on this game from time to time to see if anything comes about!

This game was pretty challenging requiring a good amount of planning before you could move your character. It was a really fun playthrough, the music was decent, the level design was simple yet it worked fairly well. This game is definitely deserving of a 6/10 rating. It feels too short, the addition of a timer could be nice to make it more challenging or some sort of time trials mode alongside the original, maybe a more brutal challenge that awaits the player once they have successfully beaten the original levels. 

The game overall was pretty fun, challenging and I found myself pretty focused and into the game which admittedly doesn't happen often. Good work!

This game was very fun. The unique endings were very fun to try and reach and after about an hour of gameplay I managed to get them all. My favourite is definitely the final ending, it gives a nice bit of closure and ties up a bit of a confusing detail about the whole dream therapy thing.

The art in this game is also absolutely superb, there's a lot of scares and the sudden cuts and clips all really add to the element of horror whilst maintaining a very good and almost innocent appearance. 

The puzzles are also great fun aswell, especially the shell game which definitely took me some time before I was able to beat it given how fast it moves at the end. Learning more about albert and all of the happenings in dream therapy was amazing and the little bits of lore you can pick up about the place just add to the overall experience.

This game is definitely top tier and I'd say it's definitely gotta be at least 9/10. The only things I'd say could have been done to make it more enjoyable would be more endings, secret endings if you will and interactables that you click whilst on a break or when albert leaves the room to unlock hidden lore on your character, albert and the institution.

Great game!

This is a very interesting game, I love the art style and how the gameplay works. The diminishing of the land as time goes on. I like the tiny bit of background behind how the events came to transpire aswell, this definitely looks like it could be a very good game with a bit more work. Solid 6.5/10 The music was good, the design was good but it wasn't an incredibly captivating game, with a decent story behind it and more interesting combat elements this would be a lot more enjoyable.

For a game made in 48 hours it was good, the monsters speed was pretty slow which allowed me to collect the rocks with no difficulty. The game felt way too easy and at best could have definitely introduced the possiblity of 2 monsters, one near the entrance the other near the end so that you would have to be more conserative of your ammo and how close the monsters are. They also appear too early in the fog and given that the player has aimbot on these monsters pretty much, it basically prevents them from getting too close.

Also instead of feeling right away after collecting more rock samples it should have been a case of taking more bullets. So once you have 5 out of 6 it would take around 3 bullets to make the monster go away. There could've been an ammo amount because this dude apparently just had infinite ammo, probably 30 is all that would have been necessary. 

That's just my opinion on what could have been added, the possibility of more lore other than "what happened here was awful" or something along those lines. The game was a pretty short playthrough, the atmosphere was suspensefull, there was very little challenge, the monster was pretty terrifying, not sure what it is but it looked creepy, the PS1 effect definitely contributed to the overall atmosphere of the game. 

I'd say this game is a solid 5.5/10 for sure, a lot of improvement could be made but again, for a game made in just 2 days, this is pretty good.

This was a very simplistic but decent game. A more unique system to most buy and idle games. The news lowering prices of things you have to buy and the planning needed was good. The game itself was incredibly short and could have a bit more content in it like higher priced things to get to. I'd say this game is a solid 5/10 right now, the background graphics could be better, there's not a whole load of content but still a fun game for what it is.

This was a very fun game to play, I thankfully managed to not get anything wrong through a series of guesses and random knowledge from school. This is definitely one of the more tense and stressful games out there especially when you know something bad is gonna happen if you get a question wrong. 

This was a really fun game, I like the music, the simplicity in the controls, everything feels very smooth and clean. For the size of the game it's definitely one of the top ones I've played from this site. The art and everything is pretty good aswell alongside the particle effects. Top tier game!!

Someone is bound to play this game until it ends, if it ends. It ends right?

This game was one of the better games of this style. It followed a pretty interesting path and there was definitely some great attention to detail with the scarecrow, sign post that you drive past and the scenery shifting slightly. 

Love the twist at the end aswell. Definitely just made the playthrough more enjoyable when you learn the end of this little story. Don't know if I'll be able to trust myself around takeaways at night now haha.

Overall the game was really fun, I liked the mechanics of being able to slow down and speed up, my only issue would probably have been the music choice and how easy it was to escape from whatever chases you. A bit more difficulty where your mistakes heavily affect if you survive or not would definitely make the game a lot more horrifying.

I would say this game deserves a solid 8.5/10 for sure. Only a few things to improve but aside from that a pretty perfect game! Great Job :)

This game was fairly interesting. I like the twists and turns it takes. The thing I disliked about this however was the lack of choice for the first playthrough and how you have no choice but to basically click on the mouse button till you reach the end with no possibility of changing the outcome. I understand the concept and what you did with the other endings but personally I found that it took away from the enjoyment in the game having to do multiple playthroughs. I'd say this game is a solid 6.5/10 for sure. Interesting with a good twist but easy to become bored of.

What do you mean in less than a minute? I played through the game normally, encountered an issue where I couldn't progress any further and decided to report it. It was definitely not in the timespan of a minute

Game was pretty fun for the simplicity that it was, like the apple and candy corn design, the grapple just makes every level incredibly simple and doesn't really provide much of a challenge.Once you beat the boss and collect the banana the game crashes so there may be some issues regarding that level.

Overall I would suggest maybe adding more difficult levels and adjust the power of the grapple so it can't just make you go fast as hell, also decrease player speed and jump height to make the grappler more of a requirement to pass the level. 

I would currently rate this game a 5/10 as I feel it is pretty fun to play but needs a decent amount of work before it could be rated any higher

This game was pretty interesting, the lore behind the abandoned hospital is decent, following typical virus outbreak storylines. There are a few errors with sentence structure which carries the sentence on too much or adds unnecessary language. Also a few places where words shouldn't even be such as on the 2nd agenda sheet it talks about a doctor spilling something on their computer then following with "Comput Then..." Which is most likely just a typo.

The game itself plays pretty well, and overall I would say it's a fun game. Another thing that doesn't make sense is why there's a 5 year old at an abandoned hospital and further more why a bunch of teens sent a 5 year old into an abandoned hospital. Just confused me a little on how that situation came about.

Overall I'd rate this game a solid 5.5/10 because I think a few things could be improved but it is still a pretty good game in concept, design and plot.

This game was definitely fun, completed all the levels, only got 71 carrots so far in my endless run. Overall the game seems decently polished, the textures are good, the one song is a bit annoying honestly, maybe a few more songs wouldn't be too harmful.

There's also a bug when on moveable platforms or when you're character is moved too close to an edge where it gives you the fail screen when you haven't even failed as you're still on the platforms. Other than that couldn't really find any other issues, This is a solid game and I would say it's a solid 7.5/10

This game was definitely fun, collecting all the coins got a bit tough near the end because you had to remember which coins you didn't reach. My only issues is sometimes it takes a larger amount of time to respawn, not incredibly long but it's something that I noticed, there's also an issue I found when it comes to jumping and conserving your jumps.

I understand the mechanic behind if you fall off the platform you lose one jump but retain your other jump. However, I found that even while I'm still on the platform I would encounter an issue where I lose my first jump, causing me to miss platforms. There's also the issue of catching onto a ledge or some part of the objects hitbox and being able to jump from a position where you shouldn't have had another jump but got one anyways.

Just though I'd let those two issues become known, but overall the game was pretty decent and kept me occupied for a little bit of time! Solid 7/10 imo

This game follows an interesting take on the standard aim and shoot also implementing movement and certain tough jumps into the mix. However, it doesn't feel that smooth or enjoyable to play as of right now. 

There isn't a whole lot of texturing, the title screen is just buttons, there's no background music or anything. The file size seems a bit extreme but I don't know the specifics of what's in the game. The grappling hook doesn't work if you're moving too fast or if you jump before hand (tested this a few times on the tutorial level and it just wouldn't let me grapple). 

Overall this game needs a good amount of work put into it because it seems there's quite a lot of issues with it. Also maybe there could be some form of cosmetics system where you can get skins for the cylinder like a toxic waste barrel, explosive barrel or just various colours for the cylinder. 

This game is interesting for sure. I personally love golf games so this was definitely some fun to play. The level design is definitely pretty good and I love the concept of the different variations of what a golf ball can be.

That said, there are a few things I've noted that I think made the game feel less enjoyable at least to me. The top down view or at least the angle of the view made the experience a bit annoying for me personally. The collision mechanics were also somewhat frustrating because the shot you would expect to bounce a certain way off the wall collides with multiple edges and loses all momentum. There is also a bit of a strange thing when you sink the food in the hole. I noticed that when I shot it in the hole it didn't count until I shot again and only then did it count.

Overall this game was still fun and I would recommend people are interested in top down style golf games or just golf games in general to give this a go :)

Really great game, definitely took me a bit of time to understand what it was as I've never done a puzzle game quite like this before. Never managed to achieve the ending probably because I can't perform the action I'm meant to at the end cause I suck at that xD Definitely loved playing though :D

This game was definitely an interesting experience and put a twist on potatoes and space research. The little plotline behind the events leading up to the end were all very interesting and the last task that you had to do was definitely pretty stressful with potato head right behind you.

The general aesthetic and design of the game was also very good and I personally love the style of it. Overall this game seems really good and fun to play and I would highly recommend for other people to play this game aswell!

Love what the game is so far, some challenging levels, the robotic voice, everything giving off some serious portal vibes. The only problem I have is that the mechanics seem a bit off. An example being using pull mechanic twice to land on a platform but then it not working the next two times even when you still have the energy and switching to push doesn't help but continues to let you fall. Not sure if that's intentional or not but it is quite frustrating to deal with something like that. Other than that it's a good game!

This game definitely had some relaxing music though I found the repetition to take away from the experience a bit. The actual game itself was somewhat relaxing but there were a few issues with the stars where they would overlap which I'm not sure was intended design. Overally if people are looking for a game to play to just chill out and not have to think about anything this is definitely a game for them

Alrighty! Well from my gameplay experiences just there the game is definitely running a hell of a lot better. The control scheme is working well and everything feels smooth but I would like to offer some suggestions to possibly expand this to be a bit more entertaining and functional!

The movements feel a bit off physics wise. When you tap forward or backwards or jump there's a certain amount of delay after your finger leaves the key before your character stops moving backwards or forwards. This makes things feel a bit slower and I think improving on this could cause for a somewhat faster experience!

Another thing is a more enhanced enemy as their current attack rate makes them pretty useless and easy to beat taking away from the challenge they should offer.

Another thing but I feel like it would be a much harder thing to implement. Vaulting. So if you short jump you can grab onto the ledge and tap spacebar to jump back up. You would have a strength meter so you can't abuse it as the meter would slowly run out.

Also implementing power ups such as grapples, bullet time, speed dash, double jump and such could add for a more exciting experience!

Those are just some ideas but I could probably think of more if you need some ideas but if this isn't intended to be that much of a long term project I assume big changes wouldn't really be necessary. Though I do think this could be something enjoyable with some texture design, level design and such :) Kinda like a mix between super hot and mirrors edge

The game is cool, it includes some decent scares but everything feels anticipated. The game has a decent selection of music aswell. The only things I dislike was the levels felt wayyy too easy it was more like a press right and jump every now and then and you'll escape type thing, there wasn't really a whole lot of challenge and finally the arrow keys inputs sometimes do not work. For example in the wall of flesh level 3 sometimes you'll get stuck on rocks whilst trying to jump over them every now and then which doesn't really get you killed but is a bit of an annoyance and hinderance

This game is definitely interesting  with the combination of parkour and shooting, my only main issue is the movement controls are pretty scuffed. Considering one hand has to be on the mouse in order to aim and shoot you can't opt for arrow keys and space bar so you would think was would work. From my own experience it appears 'z' is to move forward, 'd' to move right, 's' to move back and I haven't found out which key moves you to the left yet. There's also an issue where the bullets will go through the npc and not register on hitbox though I'm not sure if that is distance related or not.

Overall though, once those issues are ironed out this game is definitely something I would enjoy playing through.

This game was definitely super fun, loved the level design and the simplistic look which definitely helped in deceiving me of the real difficulty in the game. Took me 50 deaths just to get all the coins haha but definitely a really fun game to play for sure!