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In case anyone was trying to find their save files on Linux and was having trouble (like me), I eventually managed to find that my Celeste Itch saves were located  in ~/.local/share/Celeste/

I'm trying to understand, what kind of issues might adding all the games in the bundle cause? What kind of "side-effects" could be caused by simply adding the games that I purchased to my library?

No Linux version for download? :/

Well, anyway, I loved playing this in-browser. Awesome little game.

Love this little game! Especially the music :) It makes for a fun 30 minutes of hopping and falling.

I'm eagerly awaiting your next game ❤️

Alrighty. I'll see if I can get it to work in the app in my own time, then. And if I can't, downloading it from the browser works for me.

Thanks, and have a nice day :)

Ah, you know what? It looks like I can actually go to the download page and download it through my browser, but I can't install it through the app :/

When I try, there's nothing to select from the "Install" drop down menu. Is that just a problem with the app?

Yes, I'm running Archlinux.

I tried what you suggested in the terminal, and it managed to run the game! Thank you!

Would there be some way to run that when I launch it from the Itch app?

Hi, I acquired this game in the isolation giveaway earlier this year, but it seems I can't download it anymore. Do you know why this is and what I can do to fix it?

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No, I can download it. I have access to the download page, but it fails to launch. I read the event log, and it said, "Could not refresh upload: API error (400): /uploads/1157151: you must buy this game to download". This led me to thinking it might have had something to do with it failing to realize I owned the game, but perhaps I've misinterpreted it? Forgive me. I'm not very savvy in this area.

I don't know if this will help, but the game exited with this:

Had error: exit code 0x7f (127) for (SpookyGhostsDotCom)
→ Standard error ================
 /home/$USER/media/games/ - lin/SpookyGhostsDotCom: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
 → Standard output: empty
 Relaying launch failure.

I got this during the quarantine giveaway earlier this year, but I can't seem to play it now. It tells me I still need to buy it even though I already own it. I would like to play this, but it doesn't seem possible right now. Is there some way I can fix this?