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1. Alpha Version 3

2. If I quit out of the game after sleeping and saving then log in later to continue my game, I don't have any produce from the animals or bees even if I cared for and fed them the previous day

3. Windows, Intel i7, quad-core processor,  terabyte hard-drive , geforce GTX graphics

Hi there!

Let me start by saying I absolutely adore this game, it's cute as can be and the story line is fun and unique!

I do have a couple of questions! 

1. When the full release comes out, will I be able to continue the game I'm playing now in early access?

2. If so, will the new features/customization be available in my current game or will I have to start a new one?

Thank you so much for all the hard work that went into this game, I know lots of people will be so grateful!

I'll keep my  eye out for updates! I'd be happy to purchase past the demo should it be released for sure!

I just finished the demo and I absolutely love this game! I hope the full version is coming out soon :)

My only suggestion is that I wish there was a way to set all the little villagers to one task if you want them all to build or take a break, etc.