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Yes. NEWT BB is  using this two fonts:

Hi, I have updated the tool with this feature

Hey! Good recommendations! I have included a function to save and load maps. Press F1 to save a .newtbb file and press F2 to load the file. You can also share the file with other people so they can load your map on another instance of the tool.  

Thank you!

Yes! you can use the generated map images as you wish for your projects. Thank you!

Gracias! Un saludo

Hey! Thanks. I'll upload an english version ASAP.

Thank you!

Hey, thanks for your interest! Yes, adding more dice models is a priority as is the option to upload custom icons. 

Regarding the "flip normals" button, it might lead to confusion.I noticed that a few icons are left with an inverted  path when the svg is parsed and extruded. This option will be a temporary thing to correct this. 

Hi! The example map was probably made before the latest updates. I was using a different texture that had a thicker border. What you are trying to do can't be done yet. Maybe I should change the example map so it doesn't lead to confusion.

Yes! You can use the tool for any purpose, even commercially. 

At the moment I have the last version on hold. It includes many new features. Once I find a moment to clean up the code, I'll upload it to github. Anyway any suggestions are welcome.

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Thank you! 

 Unas formas preciosas! Realmente parece que el peso de la nieve combe las ramas.

Oh! Thank you, Jupiter!

Thanks! Whizzom,

A few months ago I created a web tool called Card Forge: A place where anyone can create and share custom loot cards for ICRPG ready to Print & Play. Right now there are more than 400 loot cards.  Take a look there for more material!

Thanks! In the first version of the core book there was a rule on how to learn loot, page 111 in the Loot Section. 

This is the transcription:

"HOW TO LEARN: Learning requirements are listed as STAT TO USE > TARGET > # HEARTS EFFORT TO LEARN. So WIS 11 1 would require a WIS roll of 11+, and 1 HEART of EFFORT to learn."

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Thanks! I'll upload the rules shortly. If you have any suggestions to implement to the gameplay it will be welcome! 

I imagine the game will kind of play like Munchkin, but with a Players Vs. Environment aspect?

Yes, a kind like, but with d20 rolls.

Brillante! Me ha encantado el tono a lo guardián de la cripta.