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haha, yeah.  the calculator is a mess! this game is five years old and i think the bugs are there to stay. 

Would it be possible to get a .tff file instead of this png? 

Sorry for the late reply! This is such a great and thought out comment that I had to save it and put it in my "to do-list". Thank you for it, and for playing!!

I have this bad habit of making my games too difficult. Thanks for playing and for the insightful comment!

Thank you for your constructive comment! It’s great to get insight from other game developers. I’ll update the game with fixes as soon as Mark lets us. Thanks for playing! 

You need to get the brush from the painter, and paint the butterflies. Then you can pick up the painting and show it to the old man 

It is a hand mirror :( 

Thanks for checking it put!

Oh, that's a neat idea!

Thank you for the detailed explanation! I’ve found the issue and will update the game with the fix as soon as Mark Brown allows us to 

he need something that makes people happy! 

Spoiler: ((it’s art))

Oh tell me more about the plant bug! That’s a new one.  Do you remember how it happened?

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to be fair, you would lose if you accidentally press the power button as well

Thanks! Yeah, there’s a bug with the tree. If you pick it up, you lose whatever you’re carrying. Took 5 seconds to fix, but too late to upload a new version!

Yeah, that was the final part I designed! Wished I had more of that stuff. Thanks for checking it out!

So cool, thanks!!

Yeah, the theme got a bit lost in the process. Had an idea of a reversed elevator action, where the elevators move but you stay on the same level. But I had to tweak it to make the game better. Lost a little bit of the theme, but I think it was worth it. 
Thank you for playing, and for complementing the graphics! Means a lot!

Yeah, I agree. That’s the most fun one! Should have made more where the rooms are connected!

it moves, but with like a “flip”. A smooth rotation would be cool!

Thank you! Yeah, i butchered the music a bit because i wanted it to be dynamic. Really cook that you beat it, well done!

Thank you!! <3<3<3

Thank you! Goblins and slime goes hand in hand!

Getting someone to finish a Game Jam game is like the best compliment there is. Thank you for playing my slime game!

Thank you! Escape room is a great connection to make, I'll remember that!

slimes kill people 
Thanks for playing!

This is so well done! So polished, so levels, very cool

This is really cool! Never imagined a game of RPS would need a referee. Really well thought out concept for the theme. A lot of games in this jam are using well known games, but this is the first one I've seen using a physical game. Really well done!

Thank you for playing, and you're the first one to notice! I wanted a lot of that creepy stuff, that's why I drew a nice family photo of the pig you kill. 

I have murdered a goose

The concept here is great. Like, really good. But I didn't get the tutorial to work, nor the locations tab :(

Feel bad about the rat's family :( Rare to see a story driven game in such a short jam, well done!

This is super cute, and I like that you can't die. The worst thing that can happen is that you drop your pot and feel like a fool. Great job!

It's super cute and I wished I could play more, but I have no idea how  to get passed the knife and still have my energy!

This is really cool! If the box would rotate, it would be perfect. I got pretty lost at times. But it's a great game, well done!

Damn, thanks for giving my slime 20 minutes of your time! 

Ah what the hell!! This is super cool!

I love slime games. And there's a lot of slimes here! Fun game, and I really liked that it had a level system! Fed my family twice, but couldn't find a third piece of meat. :(

Soooorry, it's a bug where the thing you're holding disappears if you pick up the tree  That's on me, it's my fault

They are a bit too high up to interact with! But there's a ton of other stuff in other rooms. Thanks for playing!

Cute game and nice graphics

41.3 meters! I would suck as a fish