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The game idea is fun, and the gameplay itself as well. I just don't like how slow one has to type. I'd love to be able to write faster.
Also, maybe if you hit a word with the wrong letter, that letter gets added to the word so you have to press it again to correct the mistake

The game is fun to play and has interesting game mechanics.

I just noticed one thing:
In this part, on the lower platform, the top left single part has no physics hitbox. Is that wanted?

The game is fun. I have one improvement idea: Maybe make the objects that don't switch dimension a seperate color

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Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A

Use the arrow keys, not wasd

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The idea and execution are nice, but I would love customizable controls, because I have a qwertz keyboard, so the down left movement is weird for me

Except for the janky graphich, whicg I guess you made yourself, it is quite the fun game.

This is a fun game once you get the hang of it. I just ran into a bug at round 47 where it said stairs, i pressed it but the program wanted me to press traffic lights

I think the blue collectible is not required, it is just a bonus. It is already seen in previous levels, so I think it might be some extra points, if there will be something like a point system

I really like this game. I would like it if there was a little arrow indicating the current shooting direction. Also, there could be a game mode where you have to kill every bat to get to the next level.

This is a fun little game. One thing I noticed is that is feels a bit janky when going out one side of the screen ans coming back in from the other side. I think this is due to the circle not being rendered when overlaping. To solve this you could make a 3x3 grid of circles that move along with the player, just spaced by the height and width of the screen. 

Also, if you reach critical mass, you could implore into a black hole and become a galaxy, like a level 2

This is a fun little game. The only thing I don't like is the camera movement. I think it would be better to fix the vertical position to the body of the player so it is always in the center

It is a fun game, but I think it would be nice do add some kind of platform you can die on

You might want to change the size of the background image to fit the whole screen. In my case, there is a grey strip on the right side of the screen.

To automaticly reset the player when falling, you could check if the y coordinate is either lower than 0 or higher than the screen height, depending on the origin of 0,0. In the same process, you could solve it for when you get shoved out the left side of the screen.

Something that could be fun too would be if there might sometimes be two platforms ontop of eachother

Something you might should look into is the hitbox of the player and/or the platforms, especially in the first level

The game is fun, but you should work on the ink a bit more. If I move my mouse faster, I can draw more than when moving slower

The game is fun, but it is really easy to win at the moment. Maybe make the win a bit more expensive

Hello. The game is fun, but sometimes, when a mouse on a platform dies and respawns, it just floats to the right side of the screen forever.