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oh no :( bad ending should be pretty hard to get... next version will have lots of sex with strangers (although Lucifer really won't like it.. other profs though? some will care, some won't)  I'm glad you've enjoyed it so far!

Yay! I’m glad!

Progress report:

I did a poll and he was the overwhelming majority’s favourite :)

Hopefully once I’ve done his people will still want to play though!

Yay! Thanks for trying it again :D

Poll is closed. The thirst for Sathanas and Asmodeus is strong ;)

PLEASE NOTE: if you downloaded a previous version your save files won’t work properly and you’ll have to start over (this will likely be the case with the next version or two also). Sorry for any inconvenience!

Ack. I’m sorry I should have specified that previous saves likely wouldn’t work, due to too many structural changes with variables and such (it’ll probably be the same for the next version too). Thank you for letting me know!

Absolutely coming :) (about 1/2 way done currently... might need to flesh them out a bit more but I think so far so good). Thanks for the feedback!

I don't want to give away too much in an open forum but you can DM me on twitter and I'll give you a personalized walkthrough :)

New Poll on Patreon (anyone can vote though, you don't have to be a patron).

What would you like to see next?

So now that I have one route complete (more or less) what would people like to see next?

hi, thanks for playing. There are only 2 endings (at this time) a good and a bad.  To get the good ending you'll want to make sure you have um... stretched enough (you'll need to go to the adult store), also keep studying and exercising. Other than that, look for Lucifer's reactions to the choices you make (love points). You should be able to figure it out from there :) You can always go back to your previous selection and choose another one.  

Also check out your picture gallery (in the phone)   . There are 25 CGs to collect there.  A good ending should get you 24 out of 25 of those. There's 1 image from a bad choice (although you could still get a perfect ending even when choosing that if you keepup the good choices after).

New Poll on Patreon (anyone can vote though, you don't have to be a patron).

What would you like to see next?

So now that I have one route complete (more or less) what would people like to see next?

Thanks! :)

It's here :)

Yep! It's (finally) coming!

It is. More coming this week (Lucifer route)

Lol my thoughts exactly :)

aww thanks! maybe at some point :) (although I'd have to figure out all that translate functionality in renpy haha, it's probably not tooooooo bad thouth).  I'm making good progress... around week 6 on Lucifer so far (no progress on the other routes) so *hopefully* a release by next week? (I really hope so...)

hmmm, I haven't heard of any other issues... (I don't have a mac to test it with)... anyone else have issues?

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yep! I know how now lol

Sorry to anyone wanting one of the other routes, but well, I'll get to them but gotta get SOME progress or I'll just get all depressed again :P.

Currently formatting weeks two through eight (ish?) of Professor Lucifer's route. I'll have some more images to make too, but after being stuck on "how do I integrate all the routes into eachother?" I finally realized. I don't. Just choose the prof you want at the beginning and play with them through to the end (getting advice and stuff from the others along the way). Duh.

Anyhoo, I'm hoping to have something soon! (I hope the images don't take me too long once I get to them.).

Ugh, I know :( I'm hoping soon... it got really confusing.. and daunting... then life... :( I need someone to please stand over me with a whip (okay, maybe not, but it would definitely have been better to do this with someone rather than solo!). I'll keep trying!

There’s currently only content for when you choose Professor Lucifer :)

Thanks for the feedback. I feel similarly with the daily activities. I’m considering going much more linear in story (still with seven paths) to keep the repetition at bay. We’ll see! :)

Great feedback! I’ll definitely keep your comments in mind:)

Thank you for the kind words! The time thing, to be honest, I think may get very boring after weeks of doing the same things in game so I need to strip it down to it’s basics a bit :) 

Hi! Thanks for asking. It’ll be a little while longer for sure. But I’ll do my best!

A fantastic game! Congrats on getting so much done in such a small amount of time!

Hmmm not yet, but a great idea :)

Sounds interesting I’ll have to check it out:)

I’ll try! This month has suuuuucked. Too busy at work and too many home issues :( hopefully something in april

me too! lol

Yes, there is a lot of incomplete stuff :( I'm hoping I'll be able to work on more soon! (doing this solo and working full-time means I can't go as quickly as I'd like *sigh*).  Lucifer wants to make sure you wear your gi, and don't make a big deal out of his... situation. If you got the choices correct you should get a shy shower scene :)

Awww, thanks ^_^

By the way, if you haven't already, check out Hijiri's "Where The White Doves Rest" It's a great game ^_^

They're coming along... to be honest, my problem is with having them all interact. I *think* (unless someone wants to program for me?) I'm going to have to simplify the non-route interactions. But I'm trying!

That’s not surprising. In a way it is, but it should be much easier for me to add content now :) so more coming soon! (I’ll also be simplifying the side items like jobs, meals, etc. I was finding them repetitive and boring :P)