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yea definitely! I really hope things slow down for me in real life so I can get this finished! Wish me luck!

hi gamer824 message me on Twitter/X and I’ll see what I can do :) @incubusgame1

so sorry! It is still coming. Life is chaos and all that. I’m not going to say when but it will!

done. thanks for the suggestion.

the demo for barajam was finished. The whole, complete game is not yet (too many real life things happened for me and my co-creator) hopefully full game will be finished this year though. Maybe for the next barajam. 

It is complete. It’s a short and pretty easy game, about 30-60 min at most? And it’s on sale right now :)

Hit me up if you want to try it. We might do a quick update to add some alt text etc too but I’m not sure when but thanks again for bringing it up. I’ll definitely keep in mind for future projects too :)

Hi superfreq!  Thank you for asking. I know games built in ren’py have built in text to speech for dialogue (called self-voicing). The Self-voicing mode can be toggled by pressing the v key.

as for the buttons and image descriptions, etc, I honestly don’t think that a screen reader would do much but I’m not sure. If you have twitter, feel free to message me @incubusgame1 and I’d be happy to send you a link so you can try it if you want? 

Please note though that the game is 18+ and full of men who have sex with men. 

Oh good!

That’s right. 

just a quick update. We’ll be continuing development but things got quite hairy for myself and the writer so it’ll be a while longer. We’re close but at least another month or two. Work and life have been beyond crazy for us both. Sorry!

hmmm it could be… I’m hoping to have the full game out soon (I’m very behind where I thought I’d be :( ) and maybe that’ll help but I’m not sure tbh. It would have to be an android device you’re using. It might be the animations causing the problem. Perhaps they’re too much of a load for the phone?

Mac, pc, android?

hello Jeff, is it the web version or the downloaded version? I could see the web version being a bit less stable for sure…

hi CriticalDamage. Sometimes some antivirus programs think that Ren’Py is dangerous. Did you get any notification like that? 

Hi Yukito28!  Sorry for the late reply.
 The douche should unlock after you get Kabir's sex scene and then you can do the duos.

So just get all of the first four guys' solo scenes :)

soon Daddy! I was hoping for christmas but might take a couple more weeks. A bunch more content is done but we do want to beef it up more still.

sorry, there were problems with it as a demo... I'll see if that's something I can do in future

I was going for a self-insert for this project. TBH I probably won't do that again, it's been a pain the ass :P The MC will be shows at the end... with the good(?) ending however.

I wonder how that got in there… how weird…

It’ll come! Likely around Christmas :)

I was going for self-insert by not having a main character sprite buuuut I agree with you. It became very limiting. I’ll have to ponder it with my co-conspirator :)

Thanks :D I’m hoping to re render them for better quality and wasn’t sure if going with never seeing the main character would work, but I think it turned out as good as i could without showing the main character :)

that’s right. Sorry it’s a bit short for the demo! Hopefully I’ll get a chance to beef it up alongside the full game soon!

haha good point :) it may be something we come back to and beef up in the future too. For now we also had to keep it easy because it was only a two month game jam and it does take a lot of time to do any game even on a mostly linear play-style (although there are going to be three different endings anyways). We’ll keep it in mind though!

shoot. I’ll try to take a look tomorrow. It’s about 200 images in the animation so maybe it’s the loading time. I’ll see what I can figure out with an emulator though. 

It will be fairly linear (I mean, it's porn, we don't want it to be too difficult) and the full game about 4x as long. Unfortunately I can't draw for shit lol but I am working on improving lighting, etc to hopefully get better :)  Thanks for playing!

Quick fix uploaded to correct the textbox and text in it on android (updated the pc/mac/linux as well for version number, no real changes from .99 in those though).

happy to be of assistance :D

hi TheVoidd. Thank you for the kind words. At the time I made this, I was using Daz3D on a PC with a dedicated video card. Daz is best with NVidia cards. AMD cards won’t get used. It’ll do the CPU for rendering instead which is a lot slower. At the time, mine was a gtx 1060 w/ 6gb VRam but I’ve since upgraded to a rtx 3080 w/ 16gb Vram. The more vram and regular system ram (I’d recommend 32gb system ram if you can) the more you can fit in the screen when rendering. There is a learning curve with Daz and it can be very expensive to get all the assets you want for a game so start small and be patient with yourself. It took me a couple of years before I felt somewhat proficient with it :)

Conquer your fears! I’m still not quite sure how Bob managed to do so much using Ren’Py as a base but the game mechanics are really good! Try the different characters out and see how their powers change. Choosing an alternate outfit can also alter the playability. Really looking forward to the full game :)

thank you :) I figured one of my games could be somewhat responsible :P (I need to do more options for with and without in future)

I’m considering Tim’s Terrible Tuesday complete. Were there any issues/bugs that you’ve noticed?

Hi @Cue_Ball. It looks like the current build of Ren'py is broken for Chrome browsers. We'll have to do a new upload when the next Ren'py version is out (and stable). Sorry I don't have better news!

Thanks for replying. We'll take a look and see if we can figure it out :)

Hi Cue_Ball, thanks for bringing it to our attention. I have to admit I'm not too familiar with chromebooks. Bob might know better. Are you playing in browser?

thanks for playing and sharing! 

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Let me know what you think. I'm happy to have feedback.

Please note that this is a linear visual novel so there are no choices. Just lots of steamy story and CGs (5400 words and 40 CGs total!)

This is a Gay Bara story and follows Jim, an amateur bodybuilder, who goes to his first competition and ends up somewhere completely different  

Both, I believe :) and use the d*ldos too :)