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Thanks David! :D

happy to be of assistance :D

hi TheVoidd. Thank you for the kind words. At the time I made this, I was using Daz3D on a PC with a dedicated video card. Daz is best with NVidia cards. AMD cards won’t get used. It’ll do the CPU for rendering instead which is a lot slower. At the time, mine was a gtx 1060 w/ 6gb VRam but I’ve since upgraded to a rtx 3080 w/ 16gb Vram. The more vram and regular system ram (I’d recommend 32gb system ram if you can) the more you can fit in the screen when rendering. There is a learning curve with Daz and it can be very expensive to get all the assets you want for a game so start small and be patient with yourself. It took me a couple of years before I felt somewhat proficient with it :)

Conquer your fears! I’m still not quite sure how Bob managed to do so much using Ren’Py as a base but the game mechanics are really good! Try the different characters out and see how their powers change. Choosing an alternate outfit can also alter the playability. Really looking forward to the full game :)

thank you :) I figured one of my games could be somewhat responsible :P (I need to do more options for with and without in future)

I’m considering Tim’s Terrible Tuesday complete. Were there any issues/bugs that you’ve noticed?

Hi @Cue_Ball. It looks like the current build of Ren'py is broken for Chrome browsers. We'll have to do a new upload when the next Ren'py version is out (and stable). Sorry I don't have better news!

Thanks for replying. We'll take a look and see if we can figure it out :)

Hi Cue_Ball, thanks for bringing it to our attention. I have to admit I'm not too familiar with chromebooks. Bob might know better. Are you playing in browser?

thanks for playing and sharing! 

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Let me know what you think. I'm happy to have feedback.

Please note that this is a linear visual novel so there are no choices. Just lots of steamy story and CGs (5400 words and 40 CGs total!)

This is a Gay Bara story and follows Jim, an amateur bodybuilder, who goes to his first competition and ends up somewhere completely different  

Both, I believe :) and use the d*ldos too :)

hello! It’s been a while but make sure you study and also that you prepare yourself for when you finally get with lucky in that special way ;) I feel like an older post might be more specific. 

tbh orc dancer is wayyyyyy better than I thought he’d be originally. I think we’ll have some sort of skip turn button soon to make it a bit better :)

thanks for the feedback! For now, when you encounter issues with thirst and single target troops try deselecting the troop (I’m not at my computer but I believe this works). It will still be slow but the enemy power will eventually wear off. We’ll hopefully have something a little more elegant soon. 

woohoo! Thanks for checking again :)

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newest build is com.bobcgames.orcsofmordick-101-universal-release.apk (101, not 100)

hi Ericz, this should be fixed in the newest android build. You may have downloaded the first one. Let us know if it’s still a problem though!

Thanks! We hope you enjoy it!

hello! Day three doesn’t exist on the itch.up version (but shouldn’t be throwing up that error). If it’s the patreon version there is a day three there but unfortunately, as of today I’m no longer working on this project. Pau may continue it but I’m not sure if he’s decided for sure. 

hi! Unfortunately there isn’t a way to import to the desktop version that I’m aware of :(

thanks! Hope your day is great also :)

thanks! It’ll be a bit more delayed than we wanted as I’ve had some family issues but hope to get back to it soon. 

for now, yes 

Yay! Thanks :)

thank you! 

done :)

hi! thanks for checking in. Its going to be undergoing a redo, but yeah, I'll be working on it (very slowly). Hope to have something out in a few months (please don't quote me on that).

Heard back from the developer of Ren'py and apparently there are problems with android builds :( they won't be fixed until the 7.4.3 version of renpy (we're currently on 7.4.1 with 7.4.2 to be released shortly). I'm not sure when to expect 7.4.3 but my guess would be a month or so ;(

I’ll have to try to recreate that and see. I didn’t have any issues with that on the windows version but I’ll try an emulator for the android one and see if I can figure out what causes it from there. Are you using any sort of auto-clicking program? Or just tapping really quickly?

Hi Tim, thanks for replying :) I don't have an android device to check it but a friend of mine did and said the following improved things 

"You have to press the main menu button. Then it saves." 

I hope that helps. I'm hoping to pick up a cheap android tablet in the future so I can do more thorough testing and maybe improve the experience there. The program was done in Ren'py and it sometimes has some issues with persistent variables on android devices and this sounds like it might be related. At the very worst, maybe we can implement an actual save button (although I think it may not be compatible with the persistent variables... I'll have to check with Bob.)

Just FYI the creator of Ren'Py is aware of the issue and will be working on a way to stop that from happening. (But again, there is no actual trojan in the package).

generally you have to put in an exception into the program flagging it (a pain, I know)

hi! It’s a common problem with Renpy games unfortunately. If you got the file from here you’re safe. My Norton was giving me issues too. 

Hi Kerokero, could you tell me a bit more? are you playing in full screen or windowed version? is it the web version (playing on itch in your browser) or the downloaded version? have you had similar issues on any other renpy games? (generally they're visual novels)

Hello Tim, is this happening on the web version or the downloaded version?

There will be more for sure :) Pau and I are still working on it!

Hi John,

One day I hope to continue the game :) I'm just not sure when. I sort of lost steam on it and made it a lot more complicated than I should have :P  I'm working on other projects at the moment, and unfortunately have to completely redo all the character sprites for Incubus Academy so it'll be a long time from now, if ever, that I take it back up. Sorry!