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So this is the final result of the game??? All made in C? This is freaking epic!! Im currently studying coding, only starting in May though, so I thought that Ill give out a try to some game designing and man! What fun this is! Thx man!

Hey there. 

I have to say, the 1st 5 rounds were really interesting! Game is a bit different then others too. I like that. I would like to add a few suggestions and bugs.

  • The thing that annoyed me the most, was the reloading. I would suggest to rather re-map it to something like alt or shift ( that is if you have to keep the button in to reload) and also maybe decrease the players speed while doing so? Just to make the player realise how important reloading is and also not to waste ammo since you do not recover the ammo you had in your previous clip.
  • Moving in a diagonal directions slightly increases the players speed. 
  • I would love to see more Zombies added with different patterns, sounds and etc!

This game has some great potential! Keep it up!

Rex (signature) XD

Hey Austin!

Thank you for the suggestions. I like the Idea of the enemies rotating a bit slower and then maybe later on, just to increase the difficulty, add some more functions to that! About the movements of the player, I am not completely sure what I am going to do about it, but I will keep your suggestion in mind! I still want the game to be based more on skill though.

Yhea! But I hit a wall, so its gonna take a while to break through, but Ill keep you up to date!

Im really Impressed! In such a short time you allready implemented a lot of usefull stuff! How are you making your games? I use unity. Im still new in this game designing thing.

Just to add. You are a game designer, not a graphics designer. Yes someone made em, but you used them. Made a interesting game with it. And it looks great. So take some credit. 

Just adding the ability to see the moves, allready made an great improvement! 

Its a pleasure. Keep me up to date when you update ur game!

I really like the graphics to start off with! A bit hard to understand when you play for the first time and kinda hard to know what you are doing. Maybe if you add an indicator when you hover over the piece that you want to switch with? Sometimes if I play too fast, the it also stops me from continuing.

Other then that, I think this is a great Idea! Keep it up!

Thanks man! the sounds I made myself XD and it actually does sound satisfying XD hmmm, particle effects? That sounds fun too do!

sounds great! I finally figured out how to do smooth ball movements in my game without adding force (unity). took long....

keep me up to date on your latest project. Would love to see it

sounds good. What project you working on now?

such a simple game, but its still fun XD good way to learn still working on this project?

So I have addressed some of the problems. The paddle is clipped in the x position, Ive added bricks, score and lives. This is still nothing compared to where I want to take this game, because this is not going to be just a simple brick breaker game. I just have to get the basics right though. Hope you find it improved!

Also thanks for commenting. Its great motivation

Haha thanks! Yhea I still need to do a lot of stuff. Although with the paddle, I dont think I want it to stop. It just feels a lot more challenging this way! But I need to fix it to not go out of the screen!

Thank you for the comment! I really appreciate it!