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I am working to find a way to extract the test without the code.

This has been fixed in an update a while back.

Good to see more climate themed games...

- The Climate Trail


The Climate Trail is created by an industry veteran who's credits include The Return To Zork and The Pyramid Of Peril. We work hard to make sure this game has a great graphic and enjoyable to play.

  • I really like the premise; a serious reality sometimes needs a creative approach. I downloaded and donated.
  • Very creative. 
  • This is amazing, what a cool concept, I love it!
  • You’re an activist, my dude—can’t wait to play.
  • Amazing idea! I'll check it out asap, and share too.
  • If you could do that for climate change then that could potentially be amazing.
  • I made it a week out of Flint. Good game!
  • This is AMAZING (sorry for shouting)
  • This is great, thank you!.
  • Came here from your post on r/collapse. This needs more views, a nice play and really inspiring. Nice work.
  • Please, please, PLEASE, post this somewhere else, get as much attention as possible, this is something everyone should see at least and play if they can.
  • Came here from your post on r/collapse. This needs more views, a nice play and really inspiring. Nice work.
  • Native Linux support really pleased me, kudos for you.
  • Dope. Would be cool to get on mobile and make it more easily sharable (NOTE: In review at Apple for iPhone).
  • I'm an environmental history and am looking forward to sharing the game with my college students. Since everyone still knows OT this is a brilliant vehicle for engaging young people on climate issues. Looking forward to more!
  • I died of dysentery....well done.
  • Thanks for making the heart a better place! Each step every person do to make the earth greener makes a difference! And you are part of it!
  • You game is cool VGV ...
  • I played for about 15 minutes and died of starvation on easy. 10/10 would recommend people play this game.
  • I think this is awesome. Kudos to you for making a simple and clean game. This was full of great information and humor; I loved the Rideshare bit. I hope someday that I can make a game as good as this one.
  • Thank you for putting the time into this and letting us give it a try.


Be sure to check out v1.1, now with a scrolling map.