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Hello, everyone! We just launched our VR RPG, Vengeful Rites, here on Itch with a 20% launch discount for the first week! We're super excited to start up a community on Itch and we hope you're just as excited to start your new VR adventure!

A little about the game:

Inspired by classics of the genre, Vengeful Rites is an adventure RPG designed exclusively for Virtual Reality. The world is being overrun by goblins and monsters and it falls to you to defend the realm of men against their invasion. You've got everything you need to accomplish your task. Your journey awaits...

Explore every inch of a fantasy world steeped in mystery and danger while fighting against clever, nimble and sometimes colossal enemies that refuse to go down easily. Solve riddles and puzzles meant to bar your path or protect ancient treasures. Wield powerful magic with an intuitive on-the-fly casting system that gives you full control without having to navigate convoluted menus or interfaces. Customize your gear and play style with meteor shards and perks.

    Main Features Include:

  • A story of vengeance that will lead you on an epic adventure across multiple landscapes!
  • Difficult melee combat where enemies react quickly and seek to catch you off-guard!
  • An intuitive magic system with unlockable spells that puts the power directly in your hands!
  • A perk system that allows you to customize your play style by focusing on swords, sorcery, archery or a mix of all three!
  • A weapon enchanting system that uses meteor shards to further customize your playstyle!
  • Puzzles and riddles intended to bar your progress or hide powerful treasures!
  • Epic boss fights!
  • Locales that require walking, climbing and magic to traverse!
  • Hidden treasures that only the most thorough of adventurers will discover!

The game is currently in early access and includes the first of 4 planned chapters. Each new chapter is included with the base purchase of the game and will be delivered as free updates. 

Hey, everyone! We just uploaded the demo for our upcoming virtual reality game, Vengeful Rites

My twin brother and I have been developing the game for almost a year at this point and we're due to release into Steam Early Access at the end of next month. The game sees the player, an apprentice of the Serafin Brotherhood, set off on an adventure to avenge his slain master in the wake of the dark warlord Dragore's return. You'll have to use swords, bows and magic on your quest to defeat the minions of Dragore, as well as solve puzzles and collect treasures. The game is intended to run roughly 12 hours when finished, but early access will launch with just the starting zone and first dungeon, which is roughly 3-4 hours of content. The demo is just the starting zone/tutorial and seems to take about an hour on average. 

The game focuses heavily on fluid, fast-paced combat where controller waggling is not an option, fun spell casting through the use of intuitive gestures, and rewarding exploration. If that sounds like something that might interest you, we invite you to check out the demo and if you're interested in keeping up with development or just hanging out and chatting, you can join our discord.

Thanks! Happy adventuring, everyone!