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Really liked the moment of realisation on second play through with a different path as to how things are interconnected.

What a lovely little world, the combination of sound and animations really sells a sense of place

Thanks for the play through :)

So cute, liked the intro

Thanks for playing, glad it engaged you enough to put it to the test :) Yes definitely confirms a couple of things we have to tweak if we come back to develop further. 

Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it :)

Really like how the art style , music /fx and gameplay have all come together around the theme!

 Like how you swipe through the views to spot the target momentarily and then work your ways towards it. Agree the difficulty curve was very up and down. Made it to level 15, though I'm not sure how ;) 

Fun, gentle game, does tend to run away into a you can't fail state as it's currently balanced.

I find a good set of the missile silos wipes them out. You still need a decent set of the normal defences to delay them long enough though

Wow love all the references hidden throughout, was getting a Hitch Hikers guide returning from infinite improbability drive vibe from some of the levels :) 

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Something like this?

Seleb has put together a whole load of useful hacks :), think goes by mildmojo on this forum

Hi,   Does anyone know the correct way to get Bitsy to accept Unicode characters? I can enter them into the text box but only a subset ever show up and using them seems to break the Bitsy editor. By which I mean changes stop being picked up on text editing even after a full refresh. I've been inputting them by using Alt + numeric keypad entry method on Win 10, Chrome.

I can see from and  that the whole set of other characters are defined in the project.

I'd really like to be able to use them to work a bit more variety into the text and use an edited font as per the hack above.



Super smooth on a GTX970 / x4 965 AMD , Win 10. Ship feel seems to be a decent starting point. Liking the ruptured spaces ship vibe.

Really enjoyed this, and worked fine on my Android phone. Let me know if you'd like player feedback.