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Looking nice. Maybe some more information about the setting and sociopolitcial background? Factions are nice. I just love to see conflicting religions and views with one another. Maybe something similar to different factions using bio-engineered weapons or modern-tech weapons could be integrated?

Sry if user-suggested ideas are annoying, I tend to gush with games like these. Good luck to the future development of DoE and your studio altogether!

How goes progress? I keep updated on twitter but I was hoping I could get more details on what you all are working atm.

scroll down. He already knows about this..

Yeah, the night/day versions don't seem to make a noticeable difference in performance when I tried it. This is what I remember from first testing it btw.

However what's odd is that I downloaded the game again (today), ran it, and the fps didn't tank once the bots spawned (I played with the default 50). This may have been an issue with my pc rather than the game. I'm busy today but when I get back ill boot it up again and see if anything resembles when I first tried beta 4 the day it came out.

Sorry if this confused you even more!

Yeah, the night/day versions don't seem to make a noticeable difference in performance.


He's aware :)

He said that he'd be focusing more on ironing out the bugs and improving the AI in the meantime. Makes sense before adding more things that could potentially make it worse right?

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I could average about 30 fps and cap out at 40-45 sometimes when playing with 100 bots or under. I get 15 or lower fps in Beta 4 with 10-50 bots, don't even ask for any higher than that.

Side Note: The fps only begins to tank once the bots spawn, and then some once they begin operating vehicles. Thanks for asking!

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No I've been getting insane fps drops for some reason too

edit: It may be due to the AI tweaks