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Thank you very much! We love Linux!

Hello! Thank you for your feedback. 

1) Currently you can only interact with computers for upgrades. We rushed to post the game in time and the batteries code was half-baked, for the next instalment, Otto will be able to collect them.

2) Backtracking is part of the game, but youre right were needing a map.

3) We certainly agree and we plan to add a little explanation for each upgrade on future instalments.

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Otto Robotto is a 2d platformer metroidvania about a little robot who needs to grab upgrades in order to progess, but it can have ONLY ONE at a time.

Music is handmade with ONLY ONE note.

This game was made in 48hs. for the GMTK GameJam 2019.
This is our first entry for a gamejam, thanks for playing it, we´d love to see your feedback.

Love it! Simple yet elegant and original. 

If you need any help, Were here, our game is gonna be up any minute.

Very very very nice idea, I could really see this game (with a little bit of polishing and a more concrete aesthetic) being a hit indie on Steam.