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you too

thankyou for your info :)

am i allowed to use my own game engine. or is there any game engine recommended for this jam?

i have a windows and a linux machine. i tried the browser version in my LinuxMint 20.1 with chrome. maybe i guess the downloadable version wont have any problems like this.

No. iam not playing on Safari. iam playing on Google Chrome.

no texture is loading

i can only see a red backgound and player and the black thingy. i dont know why.

nice 😊

which game engine did you used in this game

Can i use any kind of framework or game engine for this jam?. Or no?

no. I don't think so. I think maybe I reinstall the editor.will see if that makes any difference.

Yeah, before this update it was working fine. But its ok I can still use. But if the lagging problem solved that would be so much cool.cause iam currently working on my game and I don't want that to deley. Thankyou :)

For. Some reason it's lagging in my pc

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ok thanks for your info. :)

can i use any game frame work. 

thankyou buddy

thank u for the info :)

so... can i use it?. Cause unity is taking too much time to download the webbuild. Even tho the windows build support is 75mb but its taking too much time to download after 2 hr my 1gb gone idk how. Now i dont have any unity editor just unity hub. I will try ţo download unity this sunday.

can i use any kind of framework. Like pygame or c ++ libarary.


which game engine did you used in this game

sorry man i was commenting on my game accedently it came to your page and now only iam seeing. sorry bro my mistake iam very sorry

yea i know that is what iam using... 😀

umm... what?

iam not using unity cause we have to download the editors and it very slow.  i have a game engine called Gdevelop but that have a lot of buggs so iam using c++framework SDL2. 


ohh i will see

well iam not so femiler with unity. so thankyou for your info guyzz

hi andre iam gokul dev i changed my name to flow motion.. 

can i use any game frame works like. PYGAME or C++ libarary

Will i get the theam through the email or in this page... cause i dont have twitch account.. will i resive the email..