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Like what everyone else is saying, the art style and especially the animations are great! Only real problem I encountered was getting that ladder step up on the roof. Could be my lack of point and click skill, but the timing seemed very finicky and the puzzle itself was a little illogical. Other than that, the rest of the screw ups were my bad, so good job!

Great game if not frustrating! I’d say the timing is a bit too precise, making some levels near impossible to beat. Maybe slow down the fall speed for the character a bit and put all or some of the letters on the screen so there’s no need to repeatedly die and retry a level just to figure out what’s next. Other than that, it’s a very solid and unique game :)

Very fun game and despite the speed run, I spent roughly an hour or so figuring out how to properly play the game. Also I encountered 2 glitches, 1 where I died and the game loaded into a different map where the Knight didn’t show up and it was locked on that screen.

2nd glitch was dying on the map that the game randomly loaded me into last time and respawning at the last save, but the pause menu didn’t work. The game paused, but there was no text and I couldn’t move the cursor and mashing buttons didn’t do anything. Game worked fine despite the pause menu dying, but I closed the game afterwards. Time stamps for the video if you want to see it in action: 6:24 and the game version was 1.2

Pretty solid game but we did notice some spelling errors like “bleading” instead of “bleeding” and some “I”s that were lower case. Also a tiny glitch in the beginning with the hit boxes causing Piko to hit nothing in the air during the down jump move and getting stuck for a bit.