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Is the beta still the most recent version?  If not, does the latest version have many updates?


$12 for an ash-can edition?  I'd like to give this a spin and give feedback but that seems like a bit much for a draft version.  I can afford it, I just find it difficult to justify.  Any chance you could bring this price down to in exchange for playtesting feedback?

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This is pretty slick and an awesome layout!  I had this nearly EXACT idea for a Lasers & Feelings game at least a couple years after you but I had no idea this was out there already.  I also have NO graphic design! skills  Although, in order to make it more diametrically opposed, I was thinking of Poser (Low) & Punk (High).  

My PUNK is exactly the same and my Poser is pretty darn close to PITCH included planning like yours (and presumably business acumen) but also Poser includes keeping the band afloat in $, supplies, roadies, and whatever else the band demands at the expense of watering down the PUNK.  Now that I see your slick design, maybe I'll rework mine into more of a Honey Heist style game.  Any thoughts?  Any chance I could get you to do the layout?

In any case, I'd love to get a group together to give your game a spin.  Nicely done!

Great stuff!  It looks like a fascinating system.  I've had a copy of this game for a couple years but was too intimidated to run it.  I really appreciate!  

It's GREAT conceptually!  It's the only noir game I've seen that feels like it would run exclusively noir stories.  It just doesn't give me enough to know HOW to RUN the game.  Any chances there could  be more play examples somewhere?  Or, more clarity on larger low sets vs. smaller high sets in the One roll engine?

That's a clever cross-over!  A literal visual of the tone.  Sounds fun!

Maybe it was connecting the clues with the mystery that I wasn't clear on.  I'll have to take another look at the ashcan version.  Thanks for the quick feedback!

Fair enough.  I just got excited with the possibilities!

Nice write up!  This IS pretty rad!  One question though, can you clarify what you mean by the "tone" of the orphan powers?

I'm looking forward to it! 

I was thinking there would be more detail considering the years between the releases.  I felt like the ashcan version didn't really fit my needs but I'm still not sure what changed since then.  For example, is there any change to how a mystery is built?

I downloaded the Ashcan version years ago and nearly forgot about it as it didn't feel complete to me.  Would you mind providing a high level summary of the improvements since the 2019 draft?

I commend you on this thinking and wish you a speedy revision!  I thought long and hard about buying a copy of Facing the Titan when it went on the Deal of the Day on DTRRPG.  Ultimately, I decided that 370 pages was too much content for a game I might play as a one-shot once a year.

If you enjoy Ironsworn, this is a must have supplement!  

If you played Ironsworn and thought, "it would be nice if the game had more inspirations for what the travel and or obstacles should be like between Ironsworn quests", this supplement solves that problem!  

Even if you prefer D&D or OSR rpgs and you are the type of GM that likes to create your own content, dungeons, and monsters for your homebrew games, this supplement is also for you!

Honestly, I couldn't recommend this supplement more!

Congrats on the award nomination!