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Death Orgone

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Unfortunately I  annihilated the project. Since it's a prototype, I will eventually remake it from scratch with a local multiplayer mode.

Haha no worries! Thank you for experimenting this prototype!

From what I understood, since the eyes don't move, the head constantly oscillates with the body and the wings movement which generates a certain visual stability. They also have "slow-motion" vision, which is why they easily dodge our swatting attempts. But I'm no entomologist and the scientific documentation I researched are way above me.

Never pretended this was a “game” either. The whole experience lasts 8 minutes - there is an ending that will answer your confusion.

Thank you!

There's a log hidden in each track.


Hello! Really appreciated the experience until a little game breaking bug. I managed to click on a camera at the same time as the electrical shutdown, and the game locked me in that visual, couldn't go back. 

I spent last night playing through the whole experience and strongly recommend anybody stumbling here to throw yourself in this mind-altering trip. Dig in and enjoy.

Thank you!

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J’ai écrit un petit truc à propos de cette expérience dans mon recensement vidéoludique mensuel :

En résumé, j’ai adoré. Et je parcours votre mémoire en ce moment ;) - Au plaisir!

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An absolutely brilliant initial experience with aberrant architecture as the main driver of storytelling. Had to stop at the Panopticon level due to clumsy controls unfortunately. Will follow you upcoming projects!

Thank you!

Thank you!

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I’m a HUGE fan of Conurbation. The fact you took the time to comment means the world to me. Thank you!

Pro-tip: Hyperdeath is a game about the position of the object/objectification. Keep moving in rotation until you’ve created enough distance to cover the ground or the “screen” you want to reach.

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed!

The enemy is faster than you, but it pauses to realign every time you turn. Plan accordingly - you can’t hit walls, obstacles or the path you are creating.

Hyperdeath -
An arcade game from the third order of reality. Expect 12-25 minutes according to procedure.


*5 levels of arcade indoctrination *Ruthless symbolic orders *Key concepts from Jean Baudrillard *Analogic glitch processed video feed for your entertainment *An experience orbiting around Tron's Lightcycles, No Thing and Pac-Man *Original soundtrack by Un Regard Froid


Little gamebreaking bug: If you ESC in the elevator it clips you trough the elevator.

Fixed on my side with the last update. Amazing experience!

Hello. Really enjoying the ambiance, but my experience was hindered by some crippling bugs in control. For example up and down was inverted when I left the multi-screen "hallucination" until I changed section (the Church), and then I couldn't go left or right. Or was it intentional?

It's a function on PSXEffects. Available on the Unity Store.

Thank you! Your support means a lot!

Thanks, very appreciated!

Thank you!

I could take hour of this soundscape! Excellent work!

Excellent use of lightning and loved the CB mechanic.

Ambiance so thick it oozes out of the computer. Brilliant use of level design.

Deathpile – G.R. the game

Can't wait to see more!

Absolutely delightful experience.

I was totally blown away by this experience. Masterfully executed and joining pure cutesy wholesomeness with, surprisingly, the horrifying polar opposite.

Loved it!

Has polygonally reduce my eyeballs.

My wrist is now destroyed! I hope I invoked something.


The future of hypnotherapy.

Exquisite sound design!

Excellent lore. The public needs more!

Thickest possible atmosphere on terran condition.