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Death Orgone

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It’s understandable and I was expecting it. Not everybody enjoy harsh noise and power electronics and the objective was to adapt these forms of sonic assault as a game. Thank you for taking the time to write!

Thank you! Born to please.

Thank you!

Thank you for trying Acephalic! I'm a big fan of your channel!

Thank you!

Provided me with a much-needed laugh out loud.

How's your chemical imbalance treating you?

Thank you so much!

Thank you for playing the game! The issue seemed to be with a video file and it's currently fixed in V1.1 - The next game will be a *little* less tinnitus-inducing ;)

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Thanks for playing and making me laugh for a good 10 minutes! To answer your question: mostly caffeine and sleep deprivation ;)

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I absolutely adore the art direction and, although it's painful, the mechanic. But unfortunately it seems you can definitely stuck after the second boss if you explore back in the "village" to get the keys. I'm now at 1 health, 2 bullets, 2 rockets and no way to advance. Is this a case of starting again and avoid exploring or am I missing something? Thanks in advance and congratulations!