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Sorry to hear that!

Without more details, I have no idea what the problem is, so I can't really help!

Also, as this was just made for a game jam a while back, I'm unlikely to patch it any time soon, but feel free to checkout the source code if you're interested. A link is on the game page.

Thanks for taking the time to play, and thanks for the review! It's comments like this that make me very glad to have participarted in game jams!

This game is written in Python.

I must admit I probably spent more time developing this game than I have previously played text adventures (and it's certainly been a while!), so that might explain why it's lacking some of things you'd normally find in a text adventure.
Perhaps my new year's resolution will be to play some classic text adventure games!

Another user had issues with this, and I've finally got around to recompiling on an older Ubuntu release.

Hopefully, this new upload works on your version! The source is also available, and linked on the game page.

Sorry about that! I posted the list on the game page but not on the submission page. The list is "move, shoot, wait, defuse and plant". Most of them have aliases (go = move).

I'll pop them on submission page too.

Oh dear, that's a bit embarassing as I run linux! I must have compiled with different library version. I compiled it up as I thought it would be easier to distribute, but perhaps it's just easier if I give out the source (excuse the mess!).

I've added the source to github and and all you should need to run is "python3". I've added this link onto the game page as well.

Cool effects, and title was accurate.

Fun game! The transparent HUD is a nice touch, and a great use of space.