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Thank You for playing DS. We are sorry got that error at the end, It was a nice LP till that point. We hope you had fun playing it and like the shield design.

We are still working on it, so stay tuned for the next update.

Thank You for playing Dead Sector.
We are glad you had fun playing it. :)
We still working on it to make it better.

Thank You for playing Dead Sector. We are very sorry for the bugs and hope you give the game a second try if we fixed the crashes. 

Thank you for playing our game, its was fun to watch.
Very entertaining LP, especially the attack sounds are awesome :D
We still working on a fix for the crashes. It's a hard nut to crack. 

Thanks for the focused feedback.
The improvement of the pausemenu, lights, postprocess and blur are on our "to-do-list" now. But  I am not sure what you mean with "bc" :)
What would you rework exactly?

Thank You for playing Dead Sector.  :)

We are glad that people take their time when they play our Game especially when they give us a thorough feedback in a let's play format. This help our Team to improve the Game Design much faster. :)

We are working at this moment on a more stable build with general smoother FPS. We will improve the combat after the controls are optimized for Keyboard Input.

I hope you can review our improved game next time. ;)

We will work on it till it won't be either of those two. 🙂 Everyone is invited to help us on that journey. We have Discord to discuss new ideas and ask for your opinion.

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Thank You for playing DeadSector! I hope there are some Player who can beat the game without dying ;)

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We are very sorry that you couldn't experience the demo in a bug free state. Apparently some Graphics Cards have some problems with the enemy spawning. And can you also post the hardware specs of you machine? We will patch it as soon as possible!

Wow, that looks awesome