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I understand that point of view. Not many developers would release a game intended to be taken seriously on April 1st. And to be honest, not only the writing is good, I enjoyed even well… after expecting something more… “serious”. Nothing wrong with a joke on the day it was released, as of now, I still feel a bit taken a back, but willing to have another reading session to finish it.

Feeling cheated is rather personal. But still understandable since the VN took itself seriously on the start. I didn’t point it out because that was a wrong way to change the perspective to the reader. More like the change was rather too abrupt to let it settle. The changes of perspective and the way it changes really brings something, even if it was intended as a comedy.

What I’m trying to say, is that… Even if it was unexpected, it shows how some authors/writers have trouble writing. (that might not be a point, but it seemed like that.) I myself have done some writing and there are times I feel like joking with other characters. But Immersion was broken rather quickly. I guess that’s what made me stop reading.

Like I said, I took it personally and probably overreacted to it. Other than that, I’m still thinking of trying again, and this time go with an open mind rather than what I was expecting. It might be different from person to person. But I can’t lie that there is potential here, I did laugh, so it did what it was supposed to do.

In short: the fault falls in both of us. As a reader, I expected something that wasn’t intended. And I think, as a writer, there wasn’t anything explicit saying that this was not something to be taken seriously. Because of that missing information, it leads to some readers to feel cheated. I don’t blame you, Boroco. You wanted to create something with your team or alone (I’m not sure). It was an oversight, everyone can make a mistake, and honestly I would say is a mistake that you can learn from.

(I feel like I’m rambling…) I’d say that take this and the criticism of others in a constructive way to become better and learn from it. That is the best course of action that you can take. Maybe my words might fly over, since I notice how much I have been writing. But, I don’t think this should be taken in a way to hurt you, it was an honest opinion. I for sure will give it another try. (And sorry if have been rambling since the beginning.)

First things first…

Just if anyone else is expecting this to be “serious”. Make sure to check the date it was release.

It will tell you everything, if you find it confusing at first.

Well… like many unexpected readers/players… I feel cheated, yet…

I can’t say that I didn’t enjoy it.


I was about to start reading everything else, but after the break from the main character’s POV, I… I’ll be honest. It made me lose interest on the rest.

Spoilers ahead…

This is a comedy VN that was released on April 1st. That alone should have hinted on what the VN was supposed to be.

As for the story… I was loving the writing at the start and was really expecting it to be an actual serious story. When the mention of Taco Bell appeared, all interest was thrown out of the window. I was expecting a return to “normalcy” but in the end it wasn’t like that… Just when I thought it was returning to normal, they throw another breaking point that made me laugh, honestly. But I was still losing interest, even continued, but the damage was done.

In short: Not what I expected but enjoyed nonetheless. Well-made and if I knew beforehand this was a comedy, perhaps I would have taken more interest than normal, maybe even read more. So far, this is all I can say… Should you read it? Sure, go ahead, I was expecting something else. But, I won’t spoil you the content… besides of the Taco Bell bit being spoken in the VN. Heh, anyway, enough about my rambling. I need to recover from this, and perhaps I will read it all the way the next time I pick it up.

Welcome back! And congratulations on graduating!

I love your work and can’t wait for more.

The translation isn’t even exact… Damn, enough to cause him trauma… Interesting. Same here I have very few words. To summarize… A lot of swearing, talking about trauma and a bit of rage fit when the writer made a really tender romantic scene… Oh yeah, a bit of “demanding” a route for Siegfried. I hope this helps you to get those words out. (I know it might have been a joke so…)

I’m sure he said to remember him, yet you forgot him. Wow…

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Well… I will need to go back and check the scenes that get affected but the thing is… The only ones that are most problematic are the scenes where there is a black background.

Now for which routes, mostly when pursuing Gin and Rohan. Those two I already thoroughly read those. I wonder about the writing you see… The box or textbox design seems to only fit 2 lines of text perfectly. But sometimes there is a fourth or third line of text.

I suggest a change of font if possible, the current font seems thin but as I said is a suggestion. Or an easier option would be to update/redesign the textbox to fit four lines. Honestly, I found that sometimes there is a lot written in a single sentence that just goes to four lines. (found an example)

Is this different on PC? Also, does renpy have a word wrap? I think this is something to keep in mind since I haven’t seen how it works.

I will give some screenshots later to point them out. Currently is outside of my free time but I will help with it as much as I can.

For specification of my device:

System: Android 10. Device name: Samsung galaxy note 9. Resolution screen: 2960x1440.(I doubt is a resolution problem)

I found some for a quick check, lucky thing to be saving a lot. I might be editing this a lot to put those text here.

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Interesting story, though it scares me to death. Imagine you are the only human and everyone is transforming. Not only that but they are so uncomfortably lustful. I tried to make a “clean” run without any interactions that would lead me to transform and it feels like the character is going out of his mind. It made me feel paranoid.

Besides the perturbing change of perspective. It is a good one. I was using my noggin. It feels wrong that someone asks you to be intimate without knowing the name at least or some introduction.

Hey, just a thing did you check that all routes are accessible? On the pirate route romance there is this error:

“Error: <<showmeter>>: The meter “‘Romance” does not exist.”

Also, there is missing text and interactive links after the main character faints from a headache.

Sorry but… I have problems reading this VN. The story is great I have no complaints besides the points where the text would run out of the text box, same with the amount of transparency making it harder to see each letter. (Reading on Android btw) I just hope you can fix these two issues. It affects the readability of the font (if it is an android issue only).

In short:

  1. Textbox is small and doesn’t fit to all the written text in some areas.

  2. The transparency of the textbox is a bit too high.

  3. Some written dialogues are longer than three lines, exiting the textbox to a fourth line. That sometimes is not visible due to background blending or black background.

Like I said I was reading on a Android device, and so far the game runs fine, just the problem with readability.

I honestly want to see more of Frederik. Like a little date with him taking into account the date route where they watched a movie and then took their night to the bedroom. Like an expansion to the story.

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Take your time, Rome wasn’t built in a day. And take care of your personal life and health first. Also… the new “theme” in the page of greens makes it a bit difficult to read text, I suggest changing it to a darker green. But, like I said, is a suggestion and opinion.

A tip for how to version a game:

[Major Build Number].[Minor Build].[Revision].[package]

Major Build Number: This indicates a major milestone in the game, increment this when going from beta to release, from release to major updates.

Minor Build Number: Use for feature updates, large bug fixes, etc.

Revision: Minor alterations to existing features, small bug fixes, etc.

Package: Your code stays the same, external library changes or asset file update.

Or you can do it like many others, they do it in builds. Example: Build 1: Name of the build.

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All I have to say is… Amen! You put what I was thinking in a better way than what I would do.

1st: Honestly none… Not everything needs to be change.

2nd: But, added… There are many things, but one of them is on the 3rd question… So I can’t say for certain due to not knowing the direction of the path laid upon us. My thing that I like more in writing is the feeling of comfort conveyed in the readers. Cuddles mostly, that even when is read you can somewhat feel that.

3rd: For me, honestly, versatility is appreciated. In this case, I would like both to be frank. But if I had to choose… I do not know.

You are a poet, my friend. (I know… We aren’t actually friends.) As far from how I review VN’s this one… Doesn’t need a complicated one. So I will speak my mind a bit.

The story is interesting, and finally I understand why Isekai was included in the tags. They lived in a world that had magic… something not normal for us, but for them. After that, they traveled to another one. That’s all I will say.

The starting of the story is intriguing, the character or Main character. It is revealed slowly to a good rhythm, nothing feels rushed. For the other Characters, the bovine and the woven, both are interesting dynamic. I hope that the relation that blooms is slow, and comforting.

But please, ArgonSol if you are reading. Do not try to please everyone. Keep the essence of the ground you build up. Do not change completely the path that you want for other people. But, keep in mind constructive criticism, and help from others.

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I know, and thank you for clarifying that. But, the game is anything but realistic… to some extent. There are realistic parts of it, but I will say that realism. Doesn’t apply to the whole story. Anyway, I understand that for the terms of their relations from their endings. Not everyone has a path already build. We follow the unknown in the world, so I can accept that the endings are bittersweet.

Life is full of unknown paths that we have to explore. And not all of them end in a happy and loving relations. Some lead to problems with family, others lead to fights, even death. For that, I do appreciate that their relations aren’t fully developed after their travels. And so… that is my point of view in this case.

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Okay! It reminds me of some of the books I read about the same kind of life. Horny furries trying to get the MC laid, MC being the most “attractive” character, etc. Anyway…

For a first chapter, it does pack a lot of content. I have to say that Aiden’s route is touching. I got the perfect route. (Always loyal to the one I pick, no side stuff, no getting laid by others, etc.) I love how well build is the little bubble the academy has. It is enough to work the story. About misspelling… little here… little there… but does not distract. I can tolerate it.

The day progression is slow, and I enjoy that the days are longer and not faster. The speed of which both MC and Aiden fall for each other is reasonable. There is more personal connection is not rushed like in many VN’s. But it is true that the days are only 3 according to that they are going a little too fast, but I can get pass that.

Aiden is an interesting character and to tell the truth. It bought a smile on me when MC accepted Aiden even if he had “double personality”. He accepts him the way he is. (Besides the benefits we discover after knowing about that “double personality”. Some people will know what I’m talking about.)

Overall: It’s pretty good! I do recommend giving it a try.

Which one? The one that he stays or the one that he leaves? I can’t say it any less vague, or I will spoil the ending a bit.

I have seen the one where he stays, the one that he leaves, but not the other one that people call… Too far away. I guess that would be the worst ending.

I do not know why, but all “good” endings, leave the feeling of bittersweet.

This VN, just… wow. All I can say is that I’m left wounded by reading it. It is so bittersweet, and beautiful. Cedric really hurt me deep. I felt the pain of Kieran while reading the route.

Besides that, the writing was on point. But I got lost, there was a problem with the flow of the story, but passing that… I’m just… Pained by it.

I believe BS is Bull crap… I do not know if I can type the word… sorry.

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About that disclaimer…

“This VN is a combination of comic/manga and writing styles. So, the VN structure is different from the other normal VN.

If you are the kind of reader that likes to read visual novels that doesn’t have awkward moments, / weird script / or anything that makes you feel “edgyness” is too much.”

  1. Man I’m laughing from the awkwardness, I feel like I’m watching some kind of comedy anime. It feels so… like a comedy done for a TV show, but it hits the spot for me. I’m enjoying this by just finishing the prologue and starting the first chapter.

  2. The awkwardness is literally making it harder to read for me. But, because it’s making me laugh or really take a few seconds to let it sink in.

Chapter 4: Since when cuteness is considered a part of a sexuality? I understand what the narrator is trying to tell, but… I never thought about something or someone cute in a sexual manner. Now this just me, maybe is sexual for others. Whatever…

Life changing… So this story is told from whom? The narrator or The Main Character/Human/Person who we can change the name of?

This is going to make me more confused.

Chapter 5: Wow… well hidden. It was intense… From fun and happy to hectic and stressful. It was rather extremely fast for me. I’m dumbfounded, honestly… after MC and Draveyar problem… It hurts a bit.

Really short, but interesting nonetheless.

I’m intrigued by the start, I can see more scenarios.

That there was a “entity” or something “off” per see. Just that. Still I’m enjoying the story behind it.

Behind on 1.0…

Man, I’m enjoying the journey, and my suspicions were correct.

Coming back to other thing…

I’m happy that you are still working in it. Even if, like you said because of your “lazy butt”.

When you say the first chapter, do you mean Sam with his starting of problems in his head, or do you mean for a specific route?

Moving aside, the question. I also had problems with it when I first read it, though now I have some new kind of immunity for the depictions on The Smoke Room. But I will not lie, I still feel like there are eyes watching me while I sleep. Even though my room does not have windows… and natural light.

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Interesting… I will check that soon… I just finished reading Mark’s route and well…

I see more and more of what is going on. Still, I really have no idea of what is going on other than:

Possible spoilers Ahead!.




  1. Everyone that we see as the “main” cast are childhood friends, or just known to us as the memories are still absent.

  2. They know each other too much, but try to hide it.

  3. (not really a point but…) Walter(MC) truly can’t see the multiple hints, that they’re hiding something.

I guess for me, it did not affect me at all… I guess reading the other projects of The Echo Project team, made it less difficult for me to take it in.

Still, I do feel that feeling of about to trow up.

I also feel bad for him after knowing his past.

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Question to anyone

Did the original content that was a couple of months back changed?

To explain why I am asking…

I recently read Mr. Parker’s and Anders’ routes, noticing differences in them.

Lars route is the same, though new changes to the content.

Spoilers Ahead!


Walter and, if you have read Herbert, are twin brothers, right?

But after reading Mr. Parker’s and Anders/Byron routes, there it seems to be brothers? I do not know exactly, just asking. But on Lars route Walter seems to be Herbert but now is a different person due to memory lost.

More like theory crafting per see, but I’m confused. Just changes from timeline to timeline from what I see. Like there is something more than memory lost, like Walter and Herbert are the same person, but it depends on the route.

Like I said, I’m just theory crafting here, so…

(Sorry if anything I wrote doesn’t make sense, I… It still a lot to take in after reading Anders/Byron route and episode)

After checking a bit, maybe? We do gain something when taking to him in some routes. I do not know if he will be Dateable, but I hope we can at least become friends with him. He does need some friends.

You are a savior! I was wondering about my choices, and you had the answers all along. I was trying to have a better conclusion on Shoichi’s route. Thank you for this information.

Also, you made my day by having that information. I was sad that Shoichi never talked with her mother. And I was locked out in the other route due to a single choice.

I had followed the route in the right direction all the time but one choice made it imposible.

I can’t wait to see how this story gets to unfold! I have been loving it.

I would say to give it a try and get back to it. You have a new perspective now. Something that you might have liked might show now as a problem or who knows… It might be better than before. So far I have enjoyed the one route I had chosen.

But the final answer and the choice is yours to take.

Did you get to see his real nature? Or let’s say his secret?

Just play the game. Literally, that’s the only way to start unlocking those steamy scenes~.

(1 edit)

Well, for what I have been seeing from rausmutt he seems to have a full comic series. It has a lot of lore, so you might want to check on his Patreon for his comics.

For the third question: According to what the VN says, shelter the building absorbs the mana that is created by them to power its systems. That’s why they get what is known as the Shelter sickness.

Other than that, there seems to be mana created by anyone, and it gets to stay in the atmosphere what I can guess is that, yes, mana seems to be more abundant on other places.

He-he… I did not expect this VN to have the kind of situations I saw.

Just to evade spoilers… in one of the scenes, MC is trying to escape from someone…

I did not expect to see a “relief” option after a stressful encounter, I’m laughing too much for this little snip. I haven’t played too much but just making me have a good laugh, I can see that this will be a really fun ride.

I would like to say that you guys did a perfect job in completing Tatsuki’s route. I have seen the original route and for sure this one brings a better closure to the route compared to the original. Tatsuki’s problem was better taken with being a problem and a friend, having to worry about it instead of just being part of his life.

Also, he is a bit less horny, but still he asks for it first instead of forcing Hiroyuki into it. And I did not expect Hiroyuki’s to change on one of the scenes. Furthermore, the ending was a better one in my opinion. Bringing a good memory and a heart fell moment with the both of them. I was enjoying a bit more of this story of his. I hope you guys can bring a better ending with Torahiko, I guess he is the more affected in these relationships compared to the others.

Also, I’m wondering what will happen on Kounosuke’s route once it is done. Likewise, I wonder about Juuichi’s route, and shin’s route. Both of them had an interesting one in the original. Still, I hope these routes get a better closure.

My, My! I see why someone did not like the VN… The phasing is fast. Yes, A bit too fast. But I can tell that it has some work in it. vkywrufwe you might want to write the story first on a document, then separate it in a VN format, like if it was a Script of a play. Then have someone read it for you… If you have no CG or art to follow in a scene, try to give a detailed description, while slowly building to it.

Also, try to give descriptions on some items a little more detail. Mostly try to create a solid stage in someone mind. Think of asking, yourself, how much the reader can see by getting a description. And do remember to give a description of the place they are… for example: During the tavern scene, they are kinda talking to each other and getting frisky.

But, there is no idea where they are and if it is in front of anyone. I would guess the dragon can have a little more decency on public… or not it depends, as I know little about the character, so I can’t say. Furthermore, if the dragon is a Horny Beast, that is normal in this world, let us know. It can save a little the setup of both MC and Cid.

For the phasing a tip I can give, is give them time to know each other… It can be in the same day and get frisky, but make the day last. Don’t give a vague adventure, show little meaning less talk, sometimes is just the little things that can make a scene more enjoyable. Talk about little interests, their travels, adventures, embarrassing encounters, or traumatic events, create a story behind them to make them interesting.

Also reveal the characters slowly… or you will run your head out of ideas. And if you have too many, write them down to use in the future. On real life, we do not pay attention to the little things on our day-to-day life, unless it is with someone we like or want to know. MC can become more perceptive or less… He will remember the little things if he is writing from a fond memory or even a traumatic one.

I hope this helps you a bit on it. It might be a prototype, but do give it an ending. Prototypes on Development can also be good to tell how much you still need to think before going for the big things. (I know that a bit too well…)

My apologies of the code name. And yes, about almost trowing up it happened around 20 times while reading… The description of each scene was a bit too much. Now for the little time I have been playing this new VN, it is an interesting situation, also a bit of comedy here and there, I wasn’t expecting it too soon though… But I will come later with my full opinion once I finish.

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Alright now this is my next one on my list to read. For you Agentwolf07 Redacted. Anyway, I have recently read one gore VN. A Hellish Journey. It did get me almost to trow up, just by reading the descriptions of the scene.

I know there is a warning on this, so… It will be my fault. (I hope I don’t get the feeling of trowing up again… Not even Doom does that to me.) Aside from that, I was giving it some time to read, I hope it is as good as I read in the comments. I will review it later since I feel like this VN is going to be a wild ride… sigh (I need to prepare in case I do trow up)

(1 edit)

Alright… There is too much to ask and few will get an answer. I took a little time to read, and I can say… Is this story done in a mater of loosing memory from the main character’s perspective? Or is it like a reborn in a new world?

That is what I believe bringmethefurries was wondering… but I understand on his perspective that there are more questions than answers. But to be fair we can only get the answers from the story not the developer. I know there is something that will be answered by the story, and that’s what VN’s are based on. I have read multiple VN’s and many of them still hold the mystery for a good time.

The other… MC reacting to the situation in a very calm demeanor. Like he knows where he is, yet he doesn’t remember. He doesn’t panic, but tries to pressure for an answer yet almost none get answered. For this, I can say the speed of the situation is a faster and there is less thinking coming from MC. He seems less affected than normally it lets to be.

He might be coping, but still for us readers there is a vast contrast on showing if he is ok or not in the situation. And here it shows little thinking of the situation. He is really calm, almost frightened more so. But, to defend to the person dealing with the writing. There are multiple ways a person can react to a situation, and depending on the experiences it had it can be calm, or it can be outright an outburst of emotions.

Now. This is what I think how this starter holds up. The story how it starts feels like the person who we know as MC (The main character, Reese) was killed. Yet it doesn’t seem that way… This is one of the first points I found confusing. Void can be linked as dead, but after taking a lesson with Spark I can see the other meaning, the mind in a blank state. Void of anything.

We know there is more to the world, since we get the feel of the fantasy world at some point. Magic or a similar force to it exist in this world. The story is interesting it hooked me for a while, where I lost it was in the phasing of the scenarios. They feel rushed but with enough to read and understand the situation… But there is a lack of something always popping up here and there.

This feeling of lack, lack of something, holds the story back. Back enough to make me wonder what is missing. Yet I do not have a full answer to it. I feel is in writing, but it could be the lack of construction on the scenarios… or it could be the lack of speed in scenarios feeling like a flash memory instead of a more meaningful moment.

As for the story as a whole right now… It can hold its ground. I know there is more to see and do want to know what is in store for the next build.

I do hope you can get through this rough time you are having, Krow. Many of us happened to have those moments of grief, take your time and work slowly to your goal. Just don’t burn your self by trying to please the public first. Take care for what it is trully important at this moment.