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haha. Yea there is button in inventory to revert to normal. Since the late realization that you can  use rabbit and stuck in it for so long . :)  Game has linear progression , so if you could not cross lake you either missed cave or could not figure out combination.

I am rethinking map a bit to make it more linear and will update game after the jam ends. With rework of basically most of the systems. So check it out in few months mb it will be better. Haha

Thanks for playing

Thank you very much for playing my game. Specially twice haha. I learned a lot from your video about weak spots in mechanics and bugs that will need to be fixed. Could not fixed all in time since it's a game jam game and I ran out of time. I was so surprised how you passed lava lake!!! haha. I agree i need to make mechanics more understandable in early game. I noticed that pretty much all my friends who tried the game didn't really knew what to do.

I also sorry to hear that you didn't get second ending for some reason. Very weird bug I never encountered it my self and need to look into why it happens. For me it works just fine. So here is a link to an unlisted video with second ending for you :) *Spoiler* Second Ending.

Thanks again for playing and spending that much time on my game. Means a lot

Ah I c. Thinking you some what got trigger not cancelled  on you that's why you kept getting damage.   Sound like a rare bug need to look into it, if i decide to extend the project after jam end.  Yea you are right there are 2 endings. About same quality though. And to get second one you need basically backtrack to beach area. Well you can jump down there and get there faster, but it feels like design flaw. Just underestimated amount of work so didn't have time to make something more obvious.  

Thank you. I really appreciate you playing and giving me feedback. Can you please make it clear. You get here and died in the cave then you got spawned inside cave and kept dying? Hmm... weird that heat didn't work for you. I don't seems have same issues with you.  (Screenshots > died in cave > spawn point > and heat effect). Sadly you could not finish and see that plot twist at the end. haha


WR Holder. :D

Nice difficulty. Really need to buy that upgrades.

my score 4710 :D and I saw what is there at the end. 

Oh it was 5 D: regular 5 also worked. Good game.

 Dang I like mini golf games. But for some reason I cannot play it on Firefox. S does nothing.

maaaan. "In the year 30XX" You should change it to be "Year 3310" :D.  Also What does [!] flashing icon means in the game? 

Cool idea. But it took me a while to understand how to shoot the ball. First level your dot spawns in the middle. So you need to move it to be much closer to the ball which is also looks like hole except 1 pixel. So if you add a bit more visuals and just change cursor to be line where you shoot to instead of from where you shoot and make it possible to shoot from any where on screen. Like in old minigolf games it will be much better.

Dang i wanted to look at that reverse power up. But my best score is 3. You have to smash space like crazy to make it fly up. Mb reduce down force a bit?

ye cannot start either. also don't have numpad regular numbers do nothing