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As has always been the case with your work, you demonstrate an astounding grasp of intimacy, visceral language, and a transcendent beauty that connects your audience to your work. Thanks for this.

Fantastic work and so much delight and surprise that I wasn't anticipating. As I played through the demo I kept discovering thing after thing, repeatedly saying to myself "It's not over?!" All the art, all the atmosphere from the music to the dialogue are consistent, personal, and speak to both the spirit of the game and the artistic vision behind it. I got whupped a lot but never in a controller-breaking put it down way. I always wanted to get back up and chip away at it. Also...the gun is my favorite. 

Now the bug. *SPOILERS* if you're still trying to play through the demo.

In trying to fish, I did find an error that crashed the game. I've attached a screenshot of the error here.

I loved it! Very generous and kind to all the games. Seems like you had a lot of fun.

so charming!

thank you so much!

thank you! Glad you like it!

thank you so much! 

I think the temptation with any "Spooky" art competition is to rely on traditional horror tropes and external conflict. Here, in FAT ASS, we are reminded that horror extends beyond the monsters we know and can live in both the monsters we fear to become and the monsters we are to ourselves. 

This game pushes the form, demonstrates a lot of panache, and challenges what horror can be in a fresh, exciting way.

this is all really helpful. Im hoping to include the tasting grid in the game somehow but my Twine skills aint what they used to be. Underlining, I think would help. 

thanks! I had so much more i wanted to do but four hours is four hours. I’ll definitely revisit it though!

Ah! I watched this  earlier today.  Thanks so much for playing, your reactions were priceless!


Yeah, you can reach me through my website.

Sure thing, my Twitter is on my itch page.

Thank you! That's very kind.

I very much enjoyed playing this. The constant dissonance between abstraction and relatable emotion was a joy to float between. Thank you for your game.

What an extraordinarily kind and thoughtful thing to do all up to and read. Thank you so much. I’m glad spending time in the zoo was helpful for you. Looking forward to seeing your work!

Thank you!

I knew I shouldn’t have gotten rid of that instant kill encounter 

This is great feedback. I'll investigate those bugs! I'm debating getting rid of hard mode entirely.

Thanks so much! The engine I’m currently working in doesn’t support sound without mods, but I’m definitely building the coding confidence/skill to do more in the future! 

Had some trouble navigating back to main game from options menu. Other than that 10/10 for weirdness, atmosphere, and thoughtful attention put into the sprite's butt.

::Godzilla noise::

I would also like the mystery buyer to share

I love the creepy absurdism and dreamlike atmosphere. Nice work! 

A+ and a passing grade from me.

I liked it. Could stand to be just a smidge sillier. Will wait for the error to be patched out.

This was adorable.

very fun! 

Liked it! Great stuff

oh this was beautiful. Well done.

I absolutely adore this. So much personality and the feelings of surprise and discovery are addicting!

I love the magical realism of this one! So clever and original. Reminded me of Shel Silverstein

OMG THIS RULES!! You ripped it! Great job!

This one was so fun! I love it!

Great writing and clever presentation. Really dug it.

Loved the comic sections. Very imaginative!