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Thank you very much!

Hi there! Thank you so much for the in depth feedback! It's a shame you caught is not long before an updated demo, and we'll have a release date for the full game pretty soon so I hope you check back in. We'll do our best to apply your constructive criticisms! 

Thanks! We've been working hard to capture a retro feel and aesthetic that the whole team loves (with some modern twists), and we're hoping everyone else loves it too.

- Jamie

Thanks for playing! It's been a blast to create so far and we're hoping everyone has just as much fun playing it. :)

- Jamie

Absolutely something we're planning as part of our release. We'll know more solid details a little later this year. Thanks so much for your interest!

- Jamie

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Thanks for the feedback, really appreciate it! I was also a huge fan of the GBA era FE games which of course was a big influence. The flavor of infantry beating cavalry is that they are utilizing spear which were historically the bane of cavalry. - Jamie

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Thanks for playing! We'll be balancing the game's difficulty as we go forward. It's very rough right now. - Jamie

Hey all,

It's not much right now, but this jam has given us a chance to get our first "finished" (in great big quotation marks) made. After hours of grappling with Unity, we've got this fun little spooky quicktime dungeon crawler together in a playable-ish mode. Going to do as much polishing as we can before the end of the jam, but we're honestly super stoked to even get this done.

Everyones stuff looks so good, super stoked to play through a bunch of them!