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Dead Tree/ jvan

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Is there any update about the print edition?

Oh, wow, the finished products are coming back out to the creators. This is exciting and wild.

It's getting to be where we're going to hit maximum Holiday levels during the Jam. Is there a deadline for that one last submission?

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Slightly sad stage 3s aren't going out tomorrow but if it means we all get our games to work on that's delightful and a much better outcome. Also avoids Thanksgiving entirely.

I'm so glad you liked it.

That seems like a lot. Wow.

Totally agree about the different way if thinking about games. I had to grapple with that fir many hours before I started to see how the round 1 I was given could become my round 2.

Okay, this is terrifying now that I have my entry to do for round 2. It's going to be harder than I imagined to take someone else's brain fruits and work on them.

Can you reveal how many entries came in for round 1?

I was convinced on a Discord that I should do this thing, so I have an entry "ready" by which I mean not at all ready but I'm very excited.

This is perfectly delightful, and I kept saying "oh my god I love it" as I read through the list of objects. So many of my friends could use this as an excuse to clean their houses, for real.