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yeah that was a struggle while developing, it initially used to be that up moved the platform towards the door, but I later changed it.

Hey, this should be fixed now! Hope you like the game!

I see, thank you so much!

Oh, I'm sorry to hear. It seems to work for me and everyone else that played it,  could you send me the error you are getting?

Very nice concept, though it felt annoying to switch between the states with 3 different buttons, the game felt very stylized and responsive. Good job!

You "Transform" the environment to solve puzzles!

Hey there, I tried clicking on the find teams here link and it seems to not work.

Thank you so much for the feedback!

Interesting concept to say the least... Good job!

nice idea!

Quite good, though as someone who has both made and played many of these types of games, I suggest adding more feel to the game, some screenshake and some more visual and audio elements that amplifies everything like shooting and leveling up.

This is great for a first game! I really like the parallax effect you have going on. 

A few tips for you: 

the platformer jump should be going up slower but coming down faster, so it's useful to have two types of gravity. 

add a foreground layer to games, I personally enjoy it when there is something like a world in front of the player too.

Other than that, the game looks great! I would have loved to see some more gameplay though please expand on this! I would love to play it!

the game sounds great and looks very nice, its very fun! Good job! Please rate my game if you can.

Wow. I'm impressed! This is definitely the best game I have played during this jam! Good luck, and please consider rating my game!

nice game! liked the art and the game was pretty fun to play!

Liked the graphics. Nice game!

Try asking him if there were any other cases that happened recently.

Thanks for letting me know! I have fixed it and hopefully there shouldn't be any more bugs.

oh, normally most people say it works in full screen

the driving was nice, would have been nice to have a minimap, dont know exactly how deaths affect more than the player? Maybe a bit more of a signal or some sort of information that lets the player know when a citizen died, would help show the limitation stronger. Other than that, the game is good.

If possible, can you please rate my game? Thanks in advance

the game is great, but not sure how you implemented the limitation

like the game, feels like a crossover between crossy road and snake, i like how you implemented the limitation too

cool game, liked the gameplay, but I didn't really see how death affects more than the actual player, so points off for that, but you definitely made those points up with visuals, the game looks great! The music was also very nice, and gave the game more feel.

Yeah, at the end the game was bugged, I realized a bit too late, I will update the game after the jam is over, or I could send another link with the updated game. Thanks for your feedback!

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OH, my bad, I was going to put a playthrough in the description but I was really tired after submission so I just went to sleep, thanks for reminding me. Also can you tell me more about the controls? They seem to work just fine for me.

Thanks for telling me, when I ran the build for the first time, I didn't get the error so I didn't think I had to change compression. Anyway, it's fixed now! Enjoy the game!

I like the simple art, its pretty fun. 

pretty cool game, but I dont see the theme incorproated

Really like this game! its pretty fun to play, but I wish you added more mechanics to make the game more fun, like maybe more enemies could spawn over time

nice concept, loved playing it!

very nice game! Just wanted to let you know that the jumping was very bizarre since you could jump extremely high, and the spikes kill you even though you dont touch them. Other than that, very very nice idea.

Very nice idea, I just wish that there was a pause menu, but other than that, it is a perfect game

wow that was really cool