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Thank you. Works now! So I like the style and the theme. However, I'm afriad the game is very one dimensional so far. there is actually no decision I have had to make. I.e. leaving me to click through the game.

AFter I build the coal mine, it vanished and I could not progress with the game anymore.

When you have two tabs open in Chrome and I switch to the game click ok to get the "away" coins, switch again between the two tabs, I get the same money (or a bite more) again.... works 5 times or so

I realized they have a cash invest required...but totally agree...the explanations need improvement

Not a signle simon talked to me during this game - wrong advertising?
BTw. the sequence is usually repeated in full and not just the addiontion or am I wrong?

At least it just showed my what to add to the end.

Hi, I played until the white balls fell like a waterfall and saw that some are stuck ontop... so there is a perfect spot for the balls to stay there and as there is no cliping they never fall down... Content wise: I would have loved some influence where the ball falls....pressing a button and it is always at the same place is kind of strange or?

I like it! as written below from deadpanmuesli, would also love to see queuing...

at a certain floor you can spam synergy meetings and income  explodes...maybe there should be a max with that upgrade?

Mountain lakes is odd....the mountain in the middle gives me two messages: When I have 2 houses next to it, it says 2 houses not there (gray number) when I have three houses it says too many?!?!?!?

So overall i like the setting. The Reset by copying companies is somehow simply is too much reset together with HR and IT. Also Finance does not reset Companies so the connecting line is off compared to other connections. 
You might want to rename CEO (from which there is only one in a company) to executive where are many...In a consulting company there are also many Partners...that might also be an alternative

Lovely :) So overall I like the game you really did a great thing here. 
What I would love to see (was a bit astonished) that the Village gives a boost to the mine and the hord to the village in any way. Right now it seems to me there is no connection at all. I think that would be something I would appriciate as a functionality. 

Last question really: Lovely game.....why does my aquarium not hold water?

Not sure what this is: does not makes sense, no instruction and I go 2e+26 in no time...and the sound is so annoying.

Never mind...just wait and I will answer my questions myself

I don't get the General Quest: 
Time spent at most 30m 00s : 1d 11h? what? if I already spend one day how can I get to 0 Secs?

now it all makes sense

Just one error to report: The limits do not seem to work. I have 4000 stone but a limit of 2700.

And I was not sure the Forge did something....kind of felt no difference before and after...

Very good start. 

The artwork and concept is great.

What I would see as an improvement would be that the game does not contain a "defense" part, and there is no upgrades (or did I miss something?) - so once you build all towers and placed them it's kind of done deal.

Just want to be part of it all 

When I talk to Cap't Fisheye, I can't leave, it just re-opens the store interface.

There is an error: while you make candy you can change the number being made....which results then e.g. increased time to produce, increased result but no cost

Yes,SableDante, does also not work for me...

does not make any sense, does it?

I think there is an error appearing on my web-version (Chrome) -> I get 1 every few seconds, but it deducts so much from energy/light/ does not add up...

I suddenly had -6.08 water and did not go up :(

In the windowed version buying a squirrle does not reduce the archor count

I don't see the need to increase conveyer belt cost 

Hi, so I guess it's a good start. 

from the game wise: Why do resources grow at the green locations? Wouldn't it make more sense to have them once the probe is back?

And my understanding was that the von neumann probes are self replicating. A base hence makes no sense in my eyes. They would travel, gather resources and then split/produce on the way, or?

You can click multiple times on a tree to get more income fast. seems to be an error

Hmmm...not sure I get it....I guess you spend much time, but as you as a watcher can't do anything, does this really qualify as a game?

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Just one observation: The upgrades of single clickers are not capped by your current money - i.e. you can spend into the negative...

Same here, same problem . The roll button is gray and does not work anymore. 

Does not seem to be the case...

Hey, one error: MAximizing the robot speed makes him useless...he moves between two points and does nothing anymore

one error, if you click the search button, go to the left, go back the inventory "falls down"

Oh and the inventory over the top left side makes the island practicly unusable